Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler: It's Over! Also We Were Just Using Each Other!

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Apparently, spiting your respective exes can only take a new relationship so far.

We don't know if it was worth breaking the girl code, but Jana Kramer was dating Jay Cutler.

Emphasis on was.

The two have now pumped the brakes and gone their separate ways.

Jana Kramer Talks About Anxiety

An inside source spoke to Us Weekly about where things stand between Jana and Jay.

“Jana is still single,” the insider dished.

“She and Jay went on a few dates," the source confirmed.

Jay Cutler on Instagram

"But," the insider opined, "things seemed to fizzle out between them."

The source confirmed that "They’re not seeing each other anymore.”

That checks out in light of recent social media activity.

Jana Kramer Alone in 2019

On Tuesday, October 5, Jana Kramer suggested as much -- albeit indirectly.

"It’s so fun being the single third wheel these days," she joked on Instagram alongside a couple of her friends.

She didn't mention Jay Cutler himself, but announcing that she's single sort of says it all.

Jana Kramer on Red Carpet

In September, it was overwhelmingly clear that Jana and Jay were an item.

The two went on their first date in Nashville, Tennessee, and it was not their last.

This development just happened to take place a short time after Jay's ex, Kristin Cavallari, became "linked" with Chase Rice.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay

Insiders claimed at the time that Jay was primarily trying to make Kristin jealous by dating Jana.

However, Kristin saw right through it, and dished to her friends that it wasn't going to work.

Jay going public with Jana right on the heels of the news of Kristin and Chase was deliberate, everyone said.

Chase Rice

It's a shame that Jana allowed herself to be used in that way -- but perhaps it was to her advantage, too.

Either way, it may have cost her a budding friendship, depending upon which version of events you believe.

See, Jana and Kristin were reportedly on friendly terms ... before one started going on dates and traveling between states with the other's estranged husband.

Jana Kramer at the American Country Countdown Awards

Some reports said that Jana and Kristin blew up at each other over this and ended a friendship.

Kristin had reportedly even helped Jana out during some of the early stages of her divorce from cheating ex Mike Caussin.

However, additional reports clarified that Jana and Kristin barely knew each other and were never friends. So who's to say?

Jana Kramer Cries on Instagram

Truth be told, it was never going to work out between Jana and Jay.

In addition to being a terrible person (just look at his social media history), Jay is an accused cheater.

And what was it that ended Jana's long-troubled marriage?

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer Looking Tense

Oh, right -- cheating.

Mike Caussin apparently strayed multiple times during his marriage to Jana Kramer.

Over the years, he tried to convince her that it was not his fault, that he suffered from some sort of "sex addiction."

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer Together

Addictions can be very real and devastate people's lives.

But "sex addiction" is not recognized as a real thing by the broader psychiatric community.

There are many who believe that normal bodily functions -- like eating and sex -- should not be classified as addictions at all, even if the habits are disordered.

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin Image

Mike's disordered sexual behavior continued for years, with successful and attempted cheating attempts peppering their marriage.

To her credit, Jana was able to very successfully monetize this story by constantly speaking about it on social media and her podcast.

Of course ... if she and Mike truly believed that it was a genuine illness, isn't that kind of exploitative?

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin Enjoy Time Together

Regardless, another cheater was the last thing that Jana needs.

Presumably, she knows that very well.

It may be that she was using Jay for revenge just as he was seemingly using her.

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