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It has been nearly five months since Jana Kramer filed to divorce Mike Caussin.

Since then, she has moved on, hanging out with retired NFL star Jay Cutler.

Their fling may have started with Jay wanting revenge on Kristin Cavallari, but it’s clearly blossomed into something more.

Recently, Jana and Jay have made multiple public appearances as their bond grows.

Jana Kramer Talks About Anxiety
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Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler were spotted together just last week.

They made an appearance together at the opening of The Twelve Thirty Club rooftop bar.

This was in Nashville, and the two were smiling and looked very happy.

Jay Cutler on Instagram
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It didn’t stop there.

Later last week, Jana and Jay traveled to Greenville, South Carolina.

There, they attended Nate Bargatze’s comedy show, which went on Thursday night.

Jana Kramer on Red Carpet
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Being spotted together at an opening is one thing.

Then traveling together to attend a show in a different state altogether is … well, a little intimate.

And this of course is after they were previously spotted dating. It all adds up to a pretty clear picture.

Jay Cutler Nude
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In a previous report to People, an inside source described how the two were drawn to each other.

"Jay and Jana had a lot they bonded over," the insider shared.

The source explained that they found common ground "with how their divorces played out."

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Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari announded their split last year.

They had been together for ten years before they parted ways.

Notably, Kristin — who is now dating Chase Rise, a Country singer — appeared to block Jana on social media after she dated her ex.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay in 2011
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Previous reports clashed, with some alleging that Kristin had been supportive of Jana after Jana filed for divorce.

It was even claimed that Kristin recommended a divorce attorney to Jana.

Other reports claimed that the two didn’t really know each other well enough for Jana dating Jay to be a "betrayal."

Jana Kramer in Bed

It has been reported that Jay, at least initially, intended to make Kristin jealous by going on a date with Jana.

He’s seen her dating Chase and apparently wasn’t happy about it — and wanted her back.

Alternative, conflicting reporting says that Kristin and Jay have both moved on.

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Quite frankly, it sounds like there are competing stories, possibly from the "camps" of different people.

We’re sure that People and similarly reputable outlets are vetting the authenticity of their sources.

But Jana’s friends and Kristin’s friends are probably getting very different versions of what’s going down.

Jana Kramer Cries on Instagram
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Jana is of course still recovering, emotionally, from her marriage to Mike Caussin.

The two shared years together and are now co-parenting two beautiful children.

But there was a lot of pain and humiliation during the course of their marriage. This divorce was a long time coming.

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin, Four Years Later
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To put it bluntly, Mike cheated on Jana.

This isn’t a secret, because the two discussed it ad nauseum.

Only one thing kept them from divorcing until this year, and it’s something that became tied to their brand as a couple.

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin Enjoy Time Together
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Mike claimed to suffer from "sex addiction," which is a familiar phrase despite not being recognized by the broader psychiatric community.

(Frankly, even outside of psychiatric circles, many say that things like sex and food should not be considered addictions at all, but possibly treatable compulsions at worst)

It was this alleged condition that "made" Mike cheat on Jana in major ways and minor ways … until she finally had enough.