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When Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges back in April, many fans of his famous family revealed on social media that they were shocked by this news.

They shouldn’t have been.

Obviously, Josh’s (alleged) crimes are appalling, and it can be difficult to believe that such depravity exists in the world.

But there’s nothing terribly surprising about Josh as an individual — he revealed his true self to his parents at an early age.

And unfortunately, they refused to listen.

When Josh molested five young girls — four of whom were his sisters — he should have been imprisoned.

Afterward, he should’ve been closely monitored while he underwent years of therapy with the goal of ensuring that he would never claim another victim.

Josh and Anna at Court

Instead, Josh was made to shave his head as punishment, and his parents helped him avoid legal prosecution.

So when Josh’s predatory behavior resulted in his arrest, Jim Bob and Michelle had no right to act shocked.

And sadly, Josh’s sisters probably weren’t surprised either.

Jana and Jill and Jessa and Jinger

Jill and Jessa Duggar were the eldest of Josh’s victims (that we know of), and it’s long been rumored that they’ve had nothing but contempt for him since the time when they were first abused.

When Jill cut ties with her parents back in 2019, lingering resentment about their enabling of Josh’s behavior was rumored to be a factor.

Jessa has maintained contact with her parents, but insiders say her resentment of Josh is no less intense.

Jill, Jessa

Now, there’s blind gossip item of uncertain origin that’s been making its way across the social media landscape, and we haven’t a doubt that it’s referring to Jill and Jessa’s feelings toward Josh:

"This family has earned a living off of having their drama play out on TV," this item begins.

"While they present a unified front for the TV audience, that is not the way things are playing out in private!

Jill and Jessa Duggar Image

"When one of their family members got into trouble, all in the family pretended to rally around and support that person.

"Behind the scenes, however, it was a completely different story!"

That would probably be enough for us to conclude that the author of this item is referring to the Duggars.

Counting On Promo Image

But it gets even more specific from there:

"While some family members want to see his name cleared, not all of them feel that way.

"[Sister 1] and [Sister 2] will never say this in public, but they believe that Brother 1 is evil. They do everything they can to avoid him in real life. This has been going on for a long time. If he is at a relative’s house, they refuse to go over there.

Jill Duggar and Hair

"They do not like him and they do not support him. They are completely repulsed by him and they never want to see him again. They both hope he goes to prison for a long time."

The blind item concludes by confirming what most Counting On viewers have long suspected — that the Duggars were never as happy as they pretended to be on television.

"So all that family unity you saw on TV? Fake. But it was the only way to stay on the air.

Josh Duggar is a Bad Dad

"Is there a lawyer in the family who could help either side get what they want?"

That last comment seems to be a reference to Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, who recently graduated law school and is currently studying to pass the bar.

There have been rumors that Josh being sent to prison is only Jim Bob’s second greatest fear.

Josh Duggar at a Game

His first, of course, is being exposed as the opportunistic fraud that Derick has always said he is.

The thought of a judge throwing the book at Josh probably keeps Jim Bob up at night.

But the thought of Jill being empowered to finally seek vengeance through her lawyer husband probably haunts him even more.