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After he was spotted on an obvious revenge-date with Jana Kramer, Jay Cutler’s gambit paid off.

Dating her friend’s ex-husband totally broke the girl code, so Kristin Cavallari immediately cut all ties with her.

There’s just one catch: Jay isn’t even into Jana. He’s doing all of this just to get to Kristin, and it’s working.

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Kristin Cavallari is reportedly furious with her now-former friend, Jana Kramer.

According to what an inside source told The Daily Mail, "Kristin is done with Jana."

The insider added: "She feels like it is a complete stab in the back."

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"Girlfriends don’t do this to one another," the source stated, referring to the unwritten rules of friendship.

The insider noted that Kristin did not waste any time, moving swiftly to block Jana on social media.

That’s harsh … but in context, it seems very justified.

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The context is that Jana and Jay recently went out on a clear dinner date at Bourbon Steak.

The two then went out for drinks at Nashville’s L.A. Jackson, reports confirm.

"So far, it’s just been one date," the insider shared.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay in 2011

"It took her all of one second after learning the news that she was seeing Jay," the source revealed.

Kristin acted quickly "to block her on social media," the insider continued.

What makes this such a betrayal isn’t just the friendship, but how supportive Kristin has been when Jana needed her this year.

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"No one knows this," the source dished, "but Kristin actually recommended her divorce attorney to Jana."

She did this "when she needed help leaving her toxic marriage."

This year, Jana finally ended her marriage with Mike Caussin, accusing him of adultery (yet again).

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"Both girls were really close," the insider explained.

"But," the source continued, "Kristin cannot see a way forward in their friendship."

Not, the insider added, "after Jana did this to her."

Jana Kramer on Red Carpet

And if Jana thought that she was going to land herself a new jock boyfriend even if it cost her a friendship … it’s not looking that way.

It actually looks like she may have been a pawn in Jay’s scheme.

He seems to want to win back Kristin, even if it leaves other people hurt along the way.

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It was reported this week, by Page Six, that Jay isn’t really into Jana.

Instead, he was reportedly just aiming to make Kristin jealous.

He certainly made her feel some kind of way, but does she want him back?

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"He’s not happy she’s dating Chase [Rice]," an insider reported.

"And," the source continued, Jay "has been trying to get Kristin back."

However, that same report didn’t really see Jana and Kristin as having any kind of special friendship worth preserving.

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That insider claimed that "Kristin and Jana are just acquaintances."

Apparently they don’t know each other that well, the source alleged, "and have only met twice."

That same insider insisted: "They’re not friends."

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Maybe … or maybe that’s what Jay, and therefore those close to him, thought.

Is Kristin the friend who swooped in and recommended a divorce attorney to her bestie, or were they just casual associates?

It’s possible that both reports describe some version of the truth without actually being wrong.