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If you’re new to the story of Britney Spears’ fight for freedom, you know all about her awful dad.

Chances are that, if you’ve been following her story for longer, Lou Taylor is a familiar name.

A stunning new report shows that Jamie and Lou teamed up to try to "cure" Britney’s mental illness through religious indoctrination.

We all knew that Britney’s fundamental human rights were violated. We didn’t know how bad it really was.

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It’s reports like these that help you understand where Wendy Williams was coming from.

Years ago, Britney Spears was diagnosed with some form of mental illness.

It was upon this diagnosis that the incredibly dubious conservatorship was based.

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However it was used in court, that diagnosis was made by medical professionals.

But TMZ reports that Jamie Spears and the business management team that he hired tried faith-based cures.

This may be linked to Jamie, who went to rehab early during Britney’s conservatorship and then became a born again Christian.

Lou Taylor worked with Britney’s sister, Jamie Lynn, as far back as 2004.

Additionally, Lou acted as a spokesperson for the Spears family. Most infamously, Lou created Tri Star Entertainment.

In 2008, she and Jamie discussed making Tri Star Britney’s business management through the conservatorship.

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Lou and Tri Star have been under fire for many years by Britney’s fans, particularly as #FreeBritney heated up.

For years, financial considerations and other aspects of this arrangement have been a huge part of Britney’s conflicts with her conservatorship.

Ever wonder why everyone hates Jamie Lynn so much? A huge part of it is her continued willingness to work with Lou. It’s sickening.

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But Lou is particularly relevant to this report because Lou is an outspoken born again Christian.

This isn’t a secret — she spoke about it on the Today show back in 2008.

She also carried this over into Britney’s life … apparently against Britney’s will.

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Specifically, Lou sent Robin Greenhill to have daily contact with Britney.

A Tri Star employee, Robin was ostensibly there to help manage her business affairs.

Robin soon became insinuated within almost every aspect of Britney’s life.

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According to the report, Lou and Robin literally walked around with bibles in their hands, and so did Jamie.

They were actively proselytizing at the time.

Additionally, the report reveals that there was a time when Britney was forbidden from reading anything that was not religious in nature.

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This went on for about a year.

Additionally, this also had an impact on the people with whom Britney was permitted to interact.

There was a lot of outright intolerance for anyone who wasn’t a "good Christian" coming into Britney’s orbit.

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This all-Christianity, all-the-time policy continued during the Circus Tour.

However, the volume of money that began to flow towards Britney (or, rather, to those who controlled her money) soon took priority.

As a result, the focus of the conservatorship became less of a fundamentalist bible camp and more a fixation on the business end of things.

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Tri Star was leeching away 5% of Britney’s gross profits during an existing deal.

While Britney was still performing, this was a tremendous amount of money.

In 2019, Britney stopped performing. 5% became a much smaller number.

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As a result, Lou emailed Jamie, asking for a guarantee of $500,000 a year.

While Britney was fundamentally failed by so many people, some at least spoke up for her on this matter.

Her former attorney Samuel Ingham and others pointed out that this would be wrong and against Britney’s best interests.

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After all, you either get paid a flat rate or you get paid a cut of the profits.

Tri Star wanted a percentage when numbers were high and a hefty six-figure payout when they weren’t.

And for what, exactly? Britney wasn’t performing or touring.

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The people who actually cared to some degree about Britney and about right and wrong opposed the request.

But as with everything in Britney’s life … until late last month, that is … the decision rested with Jamie.

He signed off on the $500,000 annual minimum. Of course he did.

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Thankfully, Lou Taylor is no longer part of Britney’s life.

She and Robin will both be deposed by Britney’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart.

He’s not just looking to prove that they’re bad people — the world knows that already.

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Instead, Rosengart will be looking to determine if they committed any malfeasance or misappropriation of assets.

He will also be looking into the reports of Britney’s personal conversations being monitored and recorded.

Of course, he may have to get in line. It’s been reported that federal investigators are also looking into that matter.