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Olivia Plath isn’t just a reality TV star in title only.

She’s also been keeping it decidedly real on recent episodes of TLC’s Welcome to Plathville.

Having been married to husband Ethan since 2018, Olivia hasn’t been gushing about the state of her relationship on air of late — quite the opposite, in fact, as both spouses have continually expressed dissatisfaction with the state of their union.

Just how bad have things gotten for the Plaths?

Olivia Plath Confesses

Olivia said last Tuesday night that she wanted to separate from Ethan.

"I want to take some space because I think until he figures out what he wants I’m not really able to have a relationship with him," the 23-year old told producers on air.

The couple had been arguing for awhile over where to live and over how much Olivia had allegedly changed since the pair got together.

"I think that there has to be compromise on both sides and maybe I’m just in the middle of it and I can’t see clearly, but I feel like I have compromised a lot," Ethan told his wife at one point on this same episode.

Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath on Air

As it turns out, this beef wasn’t just talk.

Olivia reveals on this evening’s installment of Welcome to Plathville that she’s taken action, moving in with a friend amid these ongoing difficulties.

"Deciding to move out is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my relationship with Ethan," Olivia says in a confessional via a sneak peek uploaded by People Magazine.

She then delves into what prompted this major move.

Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath for TLC

"I left one night after a really intense argument," Olivia continues in the confessional.

"And to me, it was just like a survival move and I didn’t discuss it beforehand. I didn’t know what to do.

"I think the driving force in me moving out for a time was that I wanted Ethan to be able to make his own decisions and choices, and sometimes I’m really afraid that Ethan goes along with what I say, just because he doesn’t want to make me upset.

"But that’s not good for him either."

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Ethan was raised in a very strict household.

Olivia has said on more than one occasion that she’s grown sick and tired of holding her husband’s hand over the past few years; of trying to almost guide Ethan through adulthood after he grew up in such an unconventional manner.

It all became too much for the star and she didn’t think she had a choice about what to do next.

"I felt like if I didn’t do something, then we would literally lose our marriage," she says on this week’s episode, referring to the separation.

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Makes sense… but now what? Where do things go from here?

"I don’t know what will happen," she says.

"I was trying so hard to, like, make the marriage work.

"But I just realized that as long as I stayed and kind of kept Ethan’s world together, he was able to just ignore everything that was happening."

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Growing emotional on air, Olivia doesn’t even rule out the possibility of divorce. Someday.

"I’m kind of scared of that," she admits. "I guess I’m kind of in a waiting stage. And the ball’s in Ethan’s court whether or not we get back together."

Olivia and Ethan have been married since 2018.

Earlier this year, Olivia told fans in an Instagram Story Q&A that the spouses were "working through a lot right now" — but "hopefully it will all make us wiser and stronger in the end."

Welcome to Plathville airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TLC.