Larissa Lima: Let Me Outta My 90 Day Fiance Contract! I Need a New Show!

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More than a year ago, Larissa Lima was abruptly fired from 90 Day Fiance for alleged breach of contract.

To this day, Larissa still remains bound by her contract with Sharp Entertainment, the production company behind the franchise.

She wants out, and not just for the sake of cutting ties with the company that so casually dismissed her.

Larissa has ambitions to return to reality television and tell the true story of her life -- one that we've never seen before.

Larissa Lima Shows Off on Instagram

On Thursday, September 16, Larissa Lima took to her Instagram Stories.

“Waiting [for] Sharp Entertainment [to] answer my email," she announced.

Larissa explained that she contacted her former employer "to get out of contract."

Larissa Lima Wears Pink on YouTube

Larissa wants to sever ties with Sharpa nd TLC "and make another network big!”

"With my true story never seen on television," she teased.

You can see that Instagram Story announcement for yourself here:

Larissa Lima IG wants out of Sharp contract to go to another network

Larissa also provided a translation for her Brazilian followers.

As you can see, she clearly wants people to know about her struggle.

There could be two reasons for this.

Larissa Lima Gets Serious on Instagram

The first may be simply that she emailed Sharp, hasn't heard back, and is impatient.

You know how you can diligently fill out a form for customer service online and hear nothing, but tweet about it and suddenly it's fixed?

Larissa may be hoping that by taking her efforts public, she can get a response from Sharp in a timely manner.

Larissa Lima Stuns in Hunter Green Bikini Top

Additionally, she may be already working to build up hype ahead of her next career move.

Remember, she spent months of slowly sowing the seeds of enthusiasm for her OnlyFans debut.

When Larissa signed up for the adult media subscription site as a creator, she made tremendous amounts of money.

Larissa Lima Recalls Meeting a Fellow Star

So what has worked in the past could work again.

People have demonstrated that they are interested in following her, and putting their money where their mouths are.

Now, she wants to return to reality television and continue to tell her story.

Larissa Lima in a Neon V-Shaped Outfit

Many jobs in the entertainment industry include no-compete clauses that lock people out of moving on right away.

From the perspective of networks and producers, they don't want another network to come by and scoop up a star and make bank from them.

But most of these clauses and contractual ties have expiration dates ... and, well, it's been a little over a year since they fired Larissa.

Larissa's options, like her breast size ambitions, are endless.

She could end up going to another network that is in direct competition with TLC.

Of course ... that could be exactly what Sharp and TLC are seemingly hesitant to let her go.

Larissa Lima Wears Almost Nothing on Instagram

We should note that Larissa could be calling them out, not to leave, but for them to instead offer her a new contract.

90 Day Fiance has a hoard of spinoffs, and Larissa's ex Colt Johnson has appeared on The Single Life.

Larissa would be an amazing fit, now that she's struck out with Eric, her on-again, off-again boyfriend.

Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols for Valentine's Day 2021

This, many fans suspect, is why TLC has not hired emotionally abusive nightmares like Angela Deem and Big Ed Brown.

Are they entertaining? Yes, but that doesn't excuse how awful they are as people or how they treat their partners.

But if TLC fired them, we all know that as soon as their contracts allowed it, they'd both be showing up on WeTV or elsewhere.

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