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We’re just two days away from a tragic milestone.

This Saturday marks the 20-year anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, during which over 3,000 Americans died as a result of planes crashing into both the World Trade Center and also in a field in Pennsylvania. 

Theresa Caputo will be honoring the occasion in a way only she can…

… which is exactly where this controversial story begins.

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Known as The Long Island Medium, Caputo has long claimed she can contact the dead.

In response, an endless array of critics have rolled their eyes.

Caputo has mostly been a source of mere mockery, however, with a vast number of viewers doubting her abilities and scoffing at the notion that she actually has any psychic powers.

Now, though, the eye-rolls have turned into clenched-up fists, as folks across the nation are aghast over an upcoming special.

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On Thursday evening, Caputo will host Long Island Medium: In Memory of 9/11 on TLC and Discovery+.

As you can guess by the title, this special will feature Caputo alleging to connect with survivors of September 11 victims — including those who lost family members in the Pentagon and in the Shanksville, Pennsylvania plane crash.

She’ll sit down with these individuals and supposedly pass along messages from their late loved ones.

Many on social media have trashed this concept as shameful and exploitive.

Seriously… can you think of anything worse than lying to those who have been affected by 9/11? Of using their grief to sell yourself and garner ratings for your television show?

But here’s the thing:

Noelle Borders lost her mother, Marcy, to stomach cancer six years ago, a disease Marrcy contracted as a result of being inside the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Marcy escaped the rubble at the time, but suffered various medical ailments (due to the smoke and dust she inhaled) that eventually led to her death.

And Noelle actually requested a sit-down with Caputo.

“Just knowing that [my mother] never left me, she’s always with me, it just gave me peace,” Borders told The New York Post of her experience.

“To know that she’s happy and back to her regular self just put me at ease.”

“It felt like closure, just making sure that my loved one was okay,” added Borders of her Long Island Medium reading.

And that’s where this gets complicated, doesn’t it? 

Most people out there think Caputo is totally and completely full of it.

“Once again exploiting these poor desperate family members lying to them into making them believe she can speak to the dead like COME ON PEOPLE!” commented one seething social media user this week, adding of the 9/11 special:

“omgggg this makes me sick to my stomach."

But if Caputo is truly helping these indiviiduals get closure? If the men and women she sits down with are grateful for the reading… is Caputo doing any harm?

Could she almost be doing good?

"Think about it," Caputo told The New York Post.

"After 20 years, that someone still needed or wanted to have that peace or is searching for something that they couldn’t find over the past 20 years from the loss of their loved one, they received that day.”