Jinger Duggar Disses Family With Second Baptism

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These days, several members of the Duggar family are taking steps to distance themselves from their predatory brother and problematic parents.

Of course, Jinger Duggar is the OG of that trend, having possessed the good sense to move a thousand miles away from home at the earliest opporunity.

In the months since Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges, Jinger has mostly remained silent on the subject.

However, she's made her feelings known in other ways.

Jinger Duggar, New Hair

For starters, Jinger's husband, Jeremy Vuolo, has stated that he hopes "justice is served" in Josh's case, which is a roundabout way of saying he hopes Josh will go to jail for a very long time.

As for Jinger, well, she's mostly let her silence do the speaking for her.

She didn't rush back to Arkansas to be with her family after news of Josh's arrest went public, and she seems wholly unconcerned about what happens to her eldest brother.

Go Phillies!

As she should be.

Josh has been a thorn in his family's side for years, and Jinger was one of his earliest victims.

Obviously, Josh is primarily responsible for his crimes, but as the chief enablers who helped him avoid prosecution, Jim Bob and Michelle share a good deal of the blame.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo on a Date

Which might be why Jinger has decided to send a potent message to her entire family with one very meaningful message.

Earlier this week, Jinger revealed that she has decided to get baptized for a second time.

"Sunday was a very special day. I came to realize that although I was baptized at the age of 11, I didn’t really come to know and love Jesus until I was 14 years old," Jinger captioned an Instagram post with pics of the occasion.

Jinger Gets Baptized

"On Sunday, I was able to publicly declare that I have been joined to Jesus Christ in his life, death, and resurrection."

Friends and family were quick to congratulate the mother of two in the comments.

"Aww, love this so much, Jinger!" wrote longtime friend Carlin Bates.

Jinger's Baptism

"I love this Jinger!!! I see God’s love in everything you do!" added fellow TLC star Tori Roloff.

Most commenters were content with Jinger's explanation for why she decided to make this move, but others thought there might be more to the story.

They interpreted Jinger's decision to get baptized a second time, at the church she attends in Los Angeles, as a way of cutting ties with her troubled past.

Jinger Duggar in Shorts

Jinger has been through a lot over the years, and no doubt this current drama involving Josh is dredging up a lot of trauma and a lot of deeply unpleasant memories.

So it's quite possible that this move is a part of her ongoing effort to make a clean break from her past.

Or maybe the timing is coincidental.

Jinger, Jeremy in LA

Either way, it seems the move made Jinger happy, so we're all for it.

Hopefully, as the months turn into years, she'll be able to leave this latest ugly chapter in her family's history behind her.

And in the meantime, it seems that she's found a new community, and a new source of support.

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