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There are tons of feuds in the Teen Mom universe.

It really seems like more often than not, these women simply just cannot stand each other.

Jenelle Is at the Beach

Sometimes they try to physically attack each other, like when Amber Portwood took that big swing at Farrah Abraham at that one Teen Mom OG reunion show.

Sometimes it’s a little less intense and a little more catty, like when they make sassy remarks on social media about each other.

But some of the cast members have essentially declared each other mortal enemies.

If you need a good example of this, look no further than what’s been happening between Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans for the past few years.

Jenelle on Candace Owens

The two of them used to be friends back in the early days of Teen Mom 2, but their relationship soured after Kail bailed Jenelle out of jail and then Jenelle failed to pay her back.

While they weren’t as close after that, they were still civil enough, but then, for whatever reason, Jenelle leaked the news of Kailyn’s pregnancy with her third child.

And that seems to be when they really started hating each other.

They’ve said terrible things about each other on social media and in interviews, but in a new video she posted on TikTok, Jenelle is really taking the feud to another level.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

It looks like she came across a video that someone else had shared of an interview Kailyn had done in 2019 — the person doing the interview was trying to ask her a question about David but couldn’t remember his name, so he referred to him as "that f-cking psychopath."

"David?" Kailyn supplied, obviously correctly.

Jenelle used that little clip for the beginning of her video to provide some context, and then she really went in on Kailyn.

Kailyn Lowry on Her Insta

"Before we bring up sh-t from years ago, let’s see what you’re currently up to, Kail!" she said, not seeming to realize that the video was from 2019 (and that in 2019, Jenelle said similar things herself about David when she got the restraining order against him).

She shared screenshots of a story about Kail’s arrest for allegedly assaulting Chris Lopez, and she also shared a screenshot from a story from The Sun about how she’d taken out PPP loans to help her businesses get through the pandemic.

"I wonder who sent that information to The Sun, hmm," she wondered, clearly implying with her tone that she’d actually been the one to give that tip.

She added "It is public record but I mean, I easily found it."

Jenelle Evans Labor Day Pic

"Oh you need more proof? Here’s more proof," she continued, sharing another screenshot of the details of the loans.

And if that wasn’t weird enough, Jenelle also said "I’ve seen exclusive photos of your house and your land that haven’t been released yet."

"How’s that working out for you? You’re right on the damn road!"

She finished the video by laughing at the last comment, like living near a road is the most pathetic thing that can happen to a person.

Jenelle Selfie Alert

There truly are not enough "yikes" in the world to cover this.

It’s bizarre that she’s this fired up over an interview that took place two years ago, but oddly enough, it’s also bizarre that she’s trying to write off David’s behavior as ancient history, like he’s still not the same monster he’s always been.

Along those same lines, it’s pretty rich that she’s bringing up Kail’s assault charges when David was arrested for assault just a couple of months before that — but if someone pointed that out, we’re sure she’d excuse that as being ancient history, too.

It’s totally fair to call Kailyn out for that arrest, and plenty of people have called her out for the PPP loan, too, but the hypocrisy of Jenelle doing the calling out is sort of overwhelming, right?

Jenelle Is Very Angry

But the next part is the part that’s the most disturbing — the part where she seems to admit to giving the information about Kail’s loan to a tabloid.

How would she have known? Does she do thorough Google searches on Kailyn and came across that information? Did someone close to Kailyn somehow tip her off?

Why does she have screenshots about a loan that her former coworker received? It’s so creepy.

The other creepy thing is that she said she saw photos of Kail’s new house that haven’t been released yet — then how did she see them? Why does she even care this much?

Photo via Instagram

And finally we have the fact that Jenelle is making fun of Kailyn’s house being "right on the damn road" when she built her house on a swamp and it’s literally sinking into the ground.

Truly an incredible takedown from Jenelle.

A few hours after posting the TikTok, she did end up learning that the interview was from 2019 — she deleted her rant and posted a new video in which she essentially said "My bad."

Don’t worry if you missed it though, she’s sure to go on another insane rant soon enough.