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Isabel Roloff and her semi-famous husband are expecting their first child.

As previously reported and documented, however, the couple has been approaching this blessed milestone in decidely contrasting ways.

First, you have Jacob Roloff… who announced the exciting news back in July as follows:

"Not for you but us: I’m very happy to say. We’re having a son."

Isabel Roloff: Hot Mom to Be!
Photo via Instagram

Considering the topic, many followers were taken aback at the time by Jacob’s bitter and confrontational message.

Just a short while later, Jacob made it clear to these same followers that they’ll never, EVER see any baby photos of his impending son.

We got nothing but respect for parents who value the privacy of their childre, but, once again:

Bitter and confrontational much, Jacob?!?

Isabel Roloff Very Pregnant
Photo via Instagram

On the other side of the parental spectrum, Isabel can’t stop gushing over her pregnancy..

She told fans this summer that she was "elated" to confirm her baby news — and she’s been backing up that adjective ever since.

Simply put… Isabel can’t stop posting photos of her expanding belly, whether she does so by comparing the person growing inside of it to an avocado or whether she does so by melting every heart out there via a snapshot of her bump and her dog.

You can see what we mean in one sense here:

Isabel Roloff1

And then in another sense here:

Isabel Roloff2

Just this past weekend, Isabel was feted by family members and friends at a baby shower that included sister-in-law Audrey, who is also pregnanct and due about one month earlier.

"My mother in law threw me a beautiful baby shower today.

"Jacob and I are so thankful for all of the love and support from our people," wrote Isabel as a caption to the following image.

She looks absolutely radiant, doesn’t she?

Isabel Roloff at Baby Shower

Roloff has managed to remain upbeat even in the wake of some horrific social media abuse.

The last time we wrote about her, for example, Isabel said a troll has threatened the life of her unborn child.

In response, the mother-to-be understandably turned off her comments, saying she had to take such a step for the sake of her "mental health."

Seriously, why must people suck so much?

Isabel Roloff3

We can’t blame Jacob for wanting to shield his kid from such hate, that’s for sure.

But we’re also glad Isabel has taken a slightly different tact from her husband throughout this pregnancy.

She looks gorgeous and we appreciate the former reality star giving us a glimpse in her journey.

Good luck with the labor and delivery, Izzie!