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Jacob Roloff is preparing to be a first-time father.

He’s probably pretty nervous about it, too.

But the former Little People, Big World star can at least take solace in knowing that his kid won’t have any problem at all speaking his mind.

Not if he follows the lead constantly set forward by his outspoken parents.

Jacob and Isabel Roloff in Black/White

First, a quick refresher on the blessed news shared this week by Jacob and his wife, Isabel.

On Tuesday evening, the couple took to their respective Instagram pages and confirmed that a baby was on board.

"We are elated to share that the baby boy we have been dreaming of is coming this December," Isabel wrote as a simple and straightforward caption to the photo below.

Added Jacob: "Not for you but us: I’m very happy to say. We’re having a son."

Jacob and Isabel Roloff Announcement

Was than unusual way to drop such an exciting bombshell on followers?


Would we ever be anything but excited for Jacob and Isabel and/or would we ever call Jacob out for his odd phrasing above?

No and no.

Isabel Roloff and husband Jacob Roloff

This is the Internet, however, and certain people out there just love to hide behind their keyboards and troll away, even in the wake of a frickin baby announcement.

“What’s up with this dude? Not for you but us? It’s like he hates everyone on [social media] or trying to get attention, be normal," wrote someone in response to Jacob’s message.

Replied the expecting dad:

“Look at your @ name lmao. Look at yourself after that; then your comment; then my caption again. Back and forth until it makes sense.”

After other users got involved, Jacob called for everyone to “stop replying to this person, adding:

"This is now a museum exhibit to them getting ratioed,” before seemingly deleting the whole conversation.

Hard to blame Jacob for getting a tad irritated in this instance, you know?

Can’t a guy enjoy breaking such a huge piece of personal news in peace?!?

Izzie and Jacob Roloff

Jacob and Isabel started dating in 2014 and got engaged in December 2017 during a romantic trip to Iceland.

While sharing a selfie on their one-year wedding anniversary in September 2020, she wrote on Instagram:

“We have everything we could ever need.”

Jacob Roloff and His Wife, Isabel

On Thursday, meanwhile, Isabel opened up her Instagram page for some pregnancy Q&A.

"Have a name picked out yet?" one fan asked alongside a heart-eyes emoji.

"Yes! The name we have picked has been in our hearts for more than seven years, the majority of our relationship," she explained.

She did not, however, reveal the actual selection. Not yet anyway.

Jacob Roloff with His Wife

Thankfully, meanwhile, the loser who called out Jacob in the exchange featured here appears to have been in the minority.

Most folks out there are simply overjoyed for these Roloffs.

"Ya’lls love and comments are seriously overwhelming. Making me cry over here," Isabel told fans this morning, adding:

"Thank you for sharing in our joy."

Jacob and Isabel Rolloff on a Hike

In a related development, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are also expecting.

The spouses shared the news of an impending third baby in their own maternity shoot this month, as they stood alongside their three-year-old daughter Ember and one-year-old son Bode.

"We’re about to be a family of 5! Our little tie breaker is coming this November!" Audrey captioned her post.