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It’s been almost a year since Chelsea Houska quit Teen Mom 2, and at the time she stepped down, fans were concerned that the beloved reality star would disappear from public view.

Fortunately, that hasn’t turned out to be the case.

Chelsea still provides regular updates about her family, especially her husband Cole De Boer, and her eldest daughter, Aubree.

Some fans are overjoyed by the fact that Aubree is featured so prominently on her mother’s Instagram page, and they’re always quick to heap praise on every new pic of the mother-daughter duo.

Chelsea, Aubree in 2021

Chelsea shared some new photos of the 12-year-old this week, and as always, fans were absolutely floored by how quickly Aubree is growing up.

"Baby girl looking like an adult now her cute little ripped jeans. They grow up so quick," one commenter wrote on Instagram, according to The Sun.

"Omg stop growing," another added.

Aubree remains Chelsea’s favorite photographic subject, but this week, the former reality star switched things up by working in a few pics of Aubree’s half-sister Paislee, who is the daughter of Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur.

Fans loved the update on the seldom-seen 8-year-old, and they were overjoyed to learn that Paislee is welcome at Chelsea and Cole’s palatial South Dakota farmhouse.

"Aubree and her little sister Paislee. TeenMom2," Chelsea captioned the pic.

"Aubree is a little lady now! I feel like we’re all her family, because we watched her grow up! Paislee is so beautiful too!" one fan gushed.

"I definitely thought Paislee was closer in age to Aubree. They both look so grown up," another commented.

Needless to say, for the most part, fans were complimentary in their remarks.

Chelsea & Aubree in 2021

But some folks have questions.

After all, Chelsea’s reason for stepping away from TM2 was that she didn’t want Aubree to have to live out her adolescent years in the spotlight, subject to constant scrutiny and criticism from an audience of strangers.

And yet she continues to post pics of her daughter for her 6.3 million Instagram followers.

Aubree DeBoer is 11

For perspective, Teen Mom 2 ratings are at an all-time low, and the show only pulls in about 300k followers each week.

That means, of course, that far more people see Aubree on Chelsea’s Instagram every week than they would have on the past season of TM2.

And this is social media in 2021 — a time and place where people see fit to criticize absolutely everything.

Chelsea herself admitted that the situation is problematic during a recent Instagram Q&A session.

"I did want to answer this because I am amused by everyone’s reaction to it because I know you guys feel like you know Aubree," Chelsea said in response to a question about Aubree’s level of exposure on Instagram.

"Someone was like ‘we’re all her Aunties’ and I thought that was so cute, but I do have one thing that I do not like and it makes me sick honestly is when people comment on her body," Houska continued.

Chelsea With Aubree in 2020

"She’s an 11 almost 12-year-old girl and I don’t know why people feel like they can comment on her body in any way shape or form. It makes me not want to post her."

Obviously, it’s Chelsea’s right to post whatever sort of family photos she wants, and it seems that Aubree loves to be included.

But we hope that if the Insta-haters get out of line, Chelsea will be willing to put up some walls between her family and her fans.