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Look, readers.

We’re sure Jacob Roloff is excited to be a father.

Based on the affection the former Little People, Big World star has shown for his nieces, nephews and even his dogs, it’s clear he has a paternal instinct.

It’s just… the guy has a funny way of expressing his enthusiasm.

Jacob Roloff and a Dog
Photo via Instagram

Back on July 20, Jacob and wife Isabel confirmed they were expecting their first-ever child.

"We are elated to share that the baby boy we have been dreaming of is coming this December," Isabel wrote as a caption to a precious photo of the couple and her baby bump at the time.

Added Jacob, though, with more than just a small hint of bitterness toward critics:

"Not for you but us: I’m very happy to say. We’re having a son."

Jacob and Isabel Roloff Announcement
Photo via Facebook

The 24-year old was later criticized for this extremely unusual way of breaking such major, life-altering news to his followers on Instagram.

Either say nothing, if you wish to remain out of the spotlight; or at least issue a generic and warm short statement, you know?

Now, meanwhile, Jacob has once again throw water on the passionate fire of his fans, sharing the following photo of his very pregnant wife and writing as an affiliated caption:

"Yes this is my beautiful wife yes I am excited to be with her again yes I cannot wait to meet my son yes I am looking forward to the rest of my life con mi familial."

Photo via Instagram

The father-to-be then responded to the congratulatory messages on the post by making a decree:

"Thank you thank you for friendly comments however none of you (online) will ever “see” my son. it is, specifically, not personal."

We have no doubt it’s not personal.

We can absolutely respect any parent’s decision to shield his son or daughter from the eyeballs of total strangers — but, sheesh, Jacob! Chill out.

Future Family of 3
Photo via Instagram

There’s a far nicer way of expressing that sentiment.

Or you could not say anything at all on the subject and folks would figure it out as time went by and there were no photos on your Instagram page.

Jacob’s ongoing attitude, meanwhile, stands in contrast to his better half.

Isabel has continually kept followers apprised of her status, uploading one baby bump photo after another online.

Isabel Roloff at 20 Weeks
Photo via Instagram

To each his or her own for sure, but consider what Isabel wrote three days ago as a caption to one of these special images:

When I look at this photograph, I see a woman who has changed drastically in the past seven months.

I am deeply in love with a tiny human who I have known for many lifetimes, but haven’t met in this one yet. I am knowing myself on a level I never have before; taking care of my mind, body and soul in a way that used to intimidate me.

I am moving through the world with a new kind of softness and meeting people with more grace.

This journey has changed me in so many ways already, and I know it will only continue to change me when I make the transition from maiden to mother in just a few months.

One Month Apart

She concluded:

Gratitude is all I feel when I think about being chosen to carry this special life to earth.

When it all comes down to it, I realize how much I have just been yearning for someone to call me mama.