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Sister Wives… unite!

Amid talk of major tension between Kody Brown’s four spouses, two of the women this reality star emotionally tortures on a regular basis have come together for an important cause:


Oops. We mean, mental and physical health!

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown

Just over a week since Janelle Brown showed off her new figure and talked at length about her weight loss journey, sister wife Christine Brown says she’s been inspired by her fellow TLC personality.

"Watching from the side lines doesn’t give you energy," wrote Christine as a caption to the image above.

"Watching from the sides lines doesn’t bring back your focus nor mental clarity.

"Watching from the side lines doesn’t make the sugar cravings go away nor the stomach pains disappear."

Brown, Janelle

Earlier this month, Janelle posted side-by-side snapshots (below) of how she looked before she dedicated herself to a new diet and workout regimen, writing as a message back then:

"Change comes first with the decision to try. Trying comes with the decision to continue. Continuing comes with the decision to be committed.

"I wanted & needed something but I didn’t know what. I thought THAT (my before) was how it was supposed to be," she continued, explaining that daughter Maddie served as inspiration for her journey.

"I didn’t start this for a month hoping for it to change everything. I started this because I was willing to put in the time for change to happen."

Janelle Brown Weight Loss Photos

Christine appears to now feel the same way.

"I had been watching Janelle from the sidelines. I was so impressed with her focus, energy, drive among other things during her move," she wrote this week.

"I had to see for myself what this was all about! I was ready to stop watching from the sidelines and jump in!

"I was ready to feel my very best and Janelle & Maddie were proof enough for me. After starting the products my stomach stopped hurting, my energy was back, and I hadn’t felt like this in a very long time."

Christine Brown on the Deck

Now, look, it’s here we feel a need to state that Janelle and Christine are being paid to say all of this.

They are shilling for a company on Instagram.

Do with that information whatever you wish — while perhaps making fun of Kody internally because his wives are forced to do this sort of thing since he can’t support them financially.

But anyway.

Christine Brown, Post-Vaccine

Concludes Christine on this topic, as part of this advertisement:

All I can say is, I’m so thankful for these products!! If you’re interested in learning more message me!

You can also join our page that has more information @life_with_health_and_happiness.

Christine Brown on a Sister Wives Episode

Sister Wives returns with new episodes on Sunday, November 21, as COVID threatens to tear the family apart.

Will you be tuning in this fall?

Or taking Christine and Janelle’s weight loss advice?