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90 Day Fiance villain Big Ed Brown has been telling people that he is engaged to Liz Woods, known to fans as Liz Marie.

Considering that she was by his side and spotted with a diamond ring on her finger, people believe him.

But Ed can buy all of the jewelry and stir up all of the hype that he wants; fans aren’t cheering him on.

And even if Liz seems to have forgotten, fans can’t help but remember who Ed is and how he treats women — including his new fiancee.

Big Ed Brown Kisses Liz Woods

As we reported, Big Ed Brown and his former ex, Liz Woods, were seen in Santa Barbara late last month.

Liz was flaunting a sparkly diamond ring on her ring finger.

They were even hanging out with Ed’s daughter, Tiffany.

Big Ed Brown and Liz Marie

TMZ confirmed that Ed was telling people that Liz was his "beautiful fiancee."

While her beauty was not in doubt — Ed’s type seems to be beautiful twenty-something single moms — the engagement was a surprise.

After all, they had broken up earlier this year, and Liz herself had exposed just how cruel Ed could be.

Big Ed Brown Under Siege

Big Ed frequented the restaurant where Liz worked before he asked her out.

She thought of him as, at best, a friend, more likely as a memorable regular customer.

She couldn’t have imagined that the budding reality TV villain who was nearly twice her age was going to ask her out.

Liz on a First Date

Ed did ask her out, however, after building up a lot of on-screen "hype" for it.

Almost everyone in his life seemed eager to discourage him from doing so.

He was just months out of his relationship with Rosemarie Vega, after his lies caught up with him and Rose dumped him.

Big Ed Brown Speaks to the The Single Life Confessional Camera
Photo via Discovery+

Ed ignored the pleas for him to not ask out yet another woman who was younger than his daughter.

Liz was surprised, but opted to say yes and agreed to the date.

While Ed acted nervous, it was Liz who had no idea what awaited her.

Liz Marie speaks her mind at the beach to Big Ed Brown (The Single Life)

There was much more in store than Ed’s awkward attempts to kiss her way too soon.

(In fact, apparently she was the one who initiated their first actual intimate encounter)

The real problem was Ed’s manipulative behavior, and how far he would go to stay on reality television.

Photo via Discovery+

Filming their relationship journey on The Single Life, Ed would not back down when it came to airing their dirty laundry.

Liz explained that she would try to avoid some topics that she didn’t want to discuss on camera.

Ed, she revealed, would relentlessly try to start those conversations on camera no matter how it might hurt her, choosing the cameras over her.

Big Ed Brown at the Tell All
Photo via TLC

Ed would also play games when it came to dangling their relationship over her.

He invited her to move in with him, and she did. But when they would argue, he’d demand that she leave.

Anyone can break up at any time, but kicking someone out of the house … this was a power imbalance.

Photo via Discovery+

Liz also exposed the nasty, verbally abusive way that Ed treated her during their relationship.

This was not a surprise.

If a guy could act as vile and manipulative on camera as Ed has, how much worse was he off screen?

Liz and Ed split (on screen) in May of this year, with their actual breakup of course happening before that aired.

As to what happened in the intervening months, we can only guess.

We hope that Liz knows what she’s doing … because 90 Day Fiance fans across social media are not feeling sympathetic.

Big Ed Brown is Nervous to Date Again
Photo via Discovery+

Some fans have even gone so far as to say that Liz "deserves what she gets" now that she’s back with Ed.

While it’s never true that anyone "deserves" what they get when they go back to a partner who mistreats them …

.,.. It is perplexing to see her make this choice.

Others simply guess that she and Ed won’t make it down the aisle.

Sure, he might be telling people that they’re going to get married.

But he’s gone this far in life and continues to be a huge creep. It’s hard to imagine him changing at this point.