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Early this month, Bravo sources were assuring everyone that the RHONY Reunion would be filming soon.

Just two weeks later, the network canceled the Season 13 Reunion altogether.

There are a lot of anxieties about the show’s future. One off-season, no matter the circumstances, can do lasting damage.

According to a new report, there’s just one thing that could breathe new life into the show.

Bethenny Frankel to The Camera
Photo via Brabo

Life & Style reports that Bravo is currently groveling for Bethenny Frankel to return to the show.

It is alleged that she is even in talks to some degree to return.

Last month, Bethenny insisted that it wasn’t true … but maybe something has changed since the Reunion was canned.

Bethenny Frankel Lashes Out
Photo via Bravo

According to their inside source, Season 13’s ratings made the network realize that they need a comeback story for Season 14.

“Everyone agrees there were too many boring storylines this season,” the insider explained.

While this was arguably not the show’s fault (COVID-19 profoundly limited their filming options), knowing what’s to blame doesn’t fix the problem.

Bethenny Frankel Keeps It Real
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“The show needs a major boost," the source reasoned.

"And," the insider pointed out, "Bethenny is still their MVP.”

Bethenny is all but synonymous with the series, despite missing the last couple of seasons — and this has not been her first break from the show.

Bethenny Frankel in a Miami Pool
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While it’s true that Bethenny has left and returned to the series before, that doesn’t mean that she’s just waiting for Bravo to ring a bell.

Instead of waiting on the network’s beck and call, she’s going to make them work for it.

Specifically, Bethenny has previously said that it would take a substantial financial incentive "to get her back on Bravo."

Bethenny Frankel on Ellen... Sort Of
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“Bethenny’s making some bold demands,” the source says of the alleged talks between Bravo and their former star.

First up, she wants a hefty payday — we’re talking millions, plural.

Second of all, Bethenny is reportedly asking for an executive producer credit.

Bethenny Shocked at Reunion
Photo via Bravo

“It’s all about the Benjamins," Bethenny has said in the past, hinting that she might be playing hardball with the network.

“Andy [Cohen’s] not thrilled about the situation," the insider acknowledges.

"But the bottom line is: Bravo needs Bethenny more than she needs them,” the source freely admits.

Bethenny Frankel on Her Gram
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Just last month, Bethenny quashed rumors that she is even in talks about a return to her former Housewife status.

In fact, she was so vocally disgusted by the claims that she set aside her debunking of it in order to focus on relief efforts for Haiti.

However, Bethenny shared that she hasn’t spoken to Bravo at all, and that when she talks to Andy, it’s not about work.

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Perhaps something has changed in the weeks since then — something aside from the canned Reunion plans.

At the same time, Bravo may have found a way to get their foot in the door, so to speak, to negotiate with Bethenny.

Offering her an elevated platform to discuss relief efforts for Haiti could make the difference if added to a hefty paycheck, right?