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The first part of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 Tell All was already more than enough for some viewers.

But, to our collective relief, not everything is about Angela Deem’s bad behavior … or her newly augmented boobs.

As the teaser shows, Part 2 of the Tell All will focus upon other stars and couples, including Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren.

Is Yara pregnant with Baby #2? Because it sure sounds that way.

Part 1 of the Tell All ended with a teaser of Part 2.

After a lot of drama about the cast being divided over Asuelu and Angela rage-smoking outside, we get to Jovi and Yara.

Beautiful host Shaun Robinson asks this young couple if they want more kids in addition to baby Mylah.

hea s6 tell all pt2 yara zaya preview 02 of 09

Yara and Jovi smile awkwardly, seemingly in response to the question.

This ambiguous reaction can be taken various ways, and we all should keep in mind how misleading editing can be — especially in promos.

However, Yara does have a bit of news to share in that department.

"I don’t have my, um," Yara begins, asking Jovi, who seems to supply her with the word.

Yara completes her revelation: "Period already for a long time."

While there are cases of pregnant people (like castmate Tiffany Franco) having periods while pregnant, in general, a missed period is a common sign of pregnancy.

We see beloved fan-favorite Gwen Eymard, Jovi’s mother and Yara’s mother-in-law, watching from home.

"Yara, you’re pregnant," Gwen says during the promo.

Given that we have no context of what was said before or after, this could have been a question — or a very misleading soundbite.

For example, Gwen might be recalling the story of Yara’s pregnancy with Mylah.

Alternatively, she could be describing what came as a false alarm.

There could even be a medical issue (or simply a form of birth control) interfering with Yara’s menstrual cycle.

At the end of Yara and Jovi’s section of the promo, we see a couple of reactions from their castmates.

Both Tiffany Franco and Kalani Faagata seem intrigued and surprised, either by something pleasant or dramatic.

Yara is genuinely very funny, so they could be reacting to a joke. It’s very unclear, and deliberately so.

However, the initial trailer for the Tell All showed Yara and Jovi delving into uncomfortable topics.

“I don’t think it’s healthy for a baby to see mama being unhappy and alone and crying,” Yara told Shaun in that first promo.

Without any context whatsoever, Yara also said "I’m done" in that preview.

Obviously, Jovi and Yara are very much together.

That was clear during Part 1 of the Tell All, it was clear on social media, and it’s clear now.

But is Yara pregnant with a second child?

If she is, she’s doing a spectacular way of hiding it.

None of her recent photos from Instagram show any sort of baby bump — not even a hint of one.

With the Tell All having been recorded earlier this summer, we suspect that there’s something else. But is it good news, or bad?