90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Flashes Everyone at Chaotic Tell All

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 is over ... but not forgotten.

That's why the Tell All exists -- so that the couples (and exes) can process what went down and update fans on what has happened.

Some of the drama will wait.

But on Part 1, there was plenty of ground to cover.

Tiffany and Ronald are somehow still together after things left off with so much hostility.

But that doesn't mean that everything is resolved.

Brandon and Julia escaped the nightmare farm and are living on their own.

Some problems haven't gone away ... and Brandon's emotional dependency upon his parents made this move harder for him.

Things have not improved between Mike and Natalie.

But they're not divorced yet. What's going on?

And Angela and Michael are as toxic as ever, despite Angela's brand new body.

Speaking of that body ... she puts it all on display as she clashes with Michael's aunt.

1. The couples arrive

The couples arrive
Julia found herself on the wrong side of the conversation at the last Tell All. This time, she wants to avoid that kind of controversy.

2. Thank goodness for Yara

Thank goodness for Yara
Brandon might struggle to tell his wife that she looks good in her dress, but Yara reassures her. Yes, yellow is hideous, but Julia is making that marigold work.

3. Julia won't repeat past mistakes

Julia won't repeat past mistakes
She vows that she will not tank her brand by voicing awful opinions this time. At the previous Tell All, she lost a lot of fans by clashing with Yara, Natalie, and Rebecca Parrott about cosmetic surgery. Maybe she's learned more about the human body and minding her business since then. Or maybe she just doesn't want to clash with Angela Deem.

4. Ronald is gearing up to fight

Ronald is gearing up to fight
Ronald tunes in from South Africa (thankfully, he's set up to record by a production crew and not just tuning in on his webcam this time). He and Tiffany are still married, but he's vowing to "expose" her. Very healthy marriage.

5. Natalie arrives ... alone

Natalie arrives ... alone
It's been six months or so since she and Mike finished filming their season. Though some part of her misses him, they have not reconciled. In fact, there's more distance between them now than there has been since before they married.

6. Everyone is assembled

Everyone is assembled
They're just waiting on one person ... the worst-behaved of the bunch.

7. Angela debuts her new body!

Angela debuts her new body!
While there is sadly no existing surgery to safely and ethically turn an ill-behaved feral nightmare into a respectful, polite human being, Angela has reimagined her body through a series of cosmetic surgeries ... including a breast augmentation. This Tell All, recorded earlier this summer, was her official debut.

8. How does Michael like it?

How does Michael like it?
He was opposed to her surgeries initially, but tuning in from Nigeria, he gushes that he cannot wait to see his wife in person.

9. Brandon and Julia are living on their own

Brandon and Julia are living on their own
While Julia is thrilled to be off of the farm, Brandon acts like it's no big deal and not a meaningful change ... which is strange to hear. Even people with wonderful parents who don't have Betty and Ron's issues with controlling behavior know that living on your own is a huge step forward. Brandon is still choking on his umbilical cord, but Julia is happy enough for both of them.

10. The Potthasts have fractured

The Potthasts have fractured
It sounds like they're all at odds with Charlie after he attacked Andrei at the family cookout, but Andrei says that everyone involved needs therapy. Color us surprised, but we actually agree with him?

11. Shaun gets the show started

Shaun gets the show started
Are Mike and Natalie back together? No -- but Shaun has to ask, because every time that she's ever seen these two, their relationship status is up in the air.

12. Julia gets weird

Julia gets weird
She asks if Natalie will now take "her ass" back to Ukraine. Either Julia has been listening to and is now parroting some xenophobic weirdos, or she's so tired of having her own intentions with Brandon questioned that she's overcompensating by accusing others of being scammers. You hate to see it.

13. Natalie explains what happened

Natalie explains what happened
They had all of their communication issues and fundamental incompatibility issues and Natalie felt like Mike just didn't care enough to work on their problems -- and didn't care enough about her feelings.

14. His commute was another big issue

His commute was another big issue
The COVID-19 pandemic increased Mike's workload, which was bad enough. But because he lives in fumbuck nowhere (Sequim), two hours away from where he works in Seattle, he loses four hours of every day to his commute. What time did the two of them have to enjoy their marriage, let alone work on their issues? The answer was simple: not enough.

15. Maybe moving could have saved their marriage

Maybe moving could have saved their marriage
It could have given them three hours or more of extra time together each day. Also, Natalie might have been happier overall and had an easier time working (once her work visa paperwork went through) if they had moved to Seattle. Instead, nothing changed, and Natalie's hopes of finding work in Sequim were slim.

16. Natalie admits that she kind of lost it

Natalie admits that she kind of lost it
Not being able to do anything -- not legally permitted to work, and essentially being alone in the wilderness for most of every week -- absolutely changed her behavior.

17. So yes, she moved to Florida

So yes, she moved to Florida
While many of us would find that unthinkable, Natalie points out that she has every right to move.

18. She says that she's not dating anyone

She says that she's not dating anyone
However, Jovi asks about the guy who came with her to dinner in New Orleans. Wait, what? (Notably, Yara protests with Jovi brings it up, having clearly not planned to "expose" Natalie)

19. Natalie says that he was just a friend

Natalie says that he was just a friend
After first implying that he might be gay, Natalie says that she didn't know her way around New Orleans (or something like that) and asked a friend to accompany her.

20. Yara?

Shaun asks Yara, who admits that she tried to find out from Natalie if the guy was her boyfriend or not at the time, and Natalie -- as she often does -- did not provide a clear answer.

21. The show takes a break

The show takes a break
Backstage, Natalie privately (on camera) agonizes over what will happen to her if Mike does file for divorce.

22. Mike promises to file

Mike promises to file
Notably, he does not appear to have done so yet, as we previously reported -- even weeks after this Tell All was filmed.

23. Julia tells Mike that he deserves better

Julia tells Mike that he deserves better
Anyone else suddenly craving meat?


Angela puts her leg across Mike's and demands that he rub it. Joking or not, we all know that if Michael did that with a woman, Angela would set him on fire.

25. Back on set ...

Back on set ...
Tiffany reveals that Ronald began to actually examine his bad behavior more seriously after Tiffany packed her things, and they reconciled. She, Daniel, and Carley ended up remaining in South Africa just like Ronald wanted -- staying for four months and only leaving in March.

26. Ronald gets something right

Ronald gets something right
He acknowledges that he did not treat Tiffany in an acceptable manner, and goes on to admit that one of his issues is getting angry in the moment and only later realizing that he was wrong. (We cannot explain why Tiffany keeps giving him more chances)

27. Of course, he then accuses Tiffany of dragging her heels

Of course, he then accuses Tiffany of dragging her heels
He insists that Tiffany keeps delaying when it comes to sending in all of the appropriate paperwork for his spousal visa application.

28. Oh, and he had a huge jealousy issue

Oh, and he had a huge jealousy issue
Ronald accused Tiffany of being too close to a cameraman who filmed with her in the US and in South Africa.

29. He couldn't stand to hear her speak well of him

He couldn't stand to hear her speak well of him
Our advice to Ronald would be that, if you don't want to hear your wife speak more highly of her platonic friend with whom she works than she does of you, just ... be nicer. It's free.

30. Ria, Ronald's mother, tunes in

Ria, Ronald's mother, tunes in
She says that she knows that they love each other. She also expresses how it would break her heart if Ronald and Tiffany divorced, because Tiffany is like a daughter to her. Tiffany cries silently during this, because it's such a sweet thing to say.

31. Tiffany's mom also participates

Tiffany's mom also participates
Maggie admits that she doesn't like all of the nonsense that Ronald puts her through. We have to agree.

32. Over to Julia and Brandon

Over to Julia and Brandon
Julia is so thrilled to be away from dirty animals, to be living with her husband without his parents. They don't have to worry about Brandon's parents hearing them have sex, which is a plus. Brandon is weirdly lukewarm in a way that is just not normal or healthy for him, and it speaks to the degree of emotional dependency that he has on his parents. This isn't Brandon's fault -- this was done to him by a pair of controlling narcissists.

33. About Julia's baby plans

About Julia's baby plans
She was speaking of plans for the future, not immediate plans. However, she unfortunately makes a joke about reproductive coercion. Someone poking holes in a condom or otherwise sabotaging birth control is performing a type of sexual assault. That would be an evil act only carried out by an evil person.

34. HOWEVER, poor taste or not, it's just a joke

HOWEVER, poor taste or not, it's just a joke
It's a joke because they don't actually use condoms. Hopefully they're using something (a vasectomy would be a great idea), but that's their business.

35. As for Julia's jealousy issues

As for Julia's jealousy issues
She admits that she's crazy jealous, but that she was actually MORE jealous in the past, and shares that many of her exes cheated on her -- that it's not Brandon's fault or specific to Brandon. Even so, she's struggling to let up when it comes to Brandon having friends who are women. She says that she might be less uptight if she had her own friends, but Brandon says that she's not receptive to making new friends. That's ... something to work on.

36. And now a word from Jigsaw

And now a word from Jigsaw
Betty and Ron Gibbs tune in, expressing how much they miss Brandon now that he lives "far away" (30 minutes away). They even threaten -- sorry, "offer" -- to help him and Julia pay a down payment on a house. There's just one little catch: it's the house next door to theirs.

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