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According to a brand new report… from an extremely reliable source… we’ve got the mother of all Bachelor spoilers for you. The show is really about to go there.

Producers have finally decided on a lead for Season 26.

And, not to be overly drama, not to hype up the selection to an unwarrantedd degree, not to be accused of simply trying to bait our readers for clicks here, but:

You. Will. Be. Stunned.

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And perhaps more than a tad bit angry.


Because, based on a series of Tweets from Reality Steve – the man who has made a living by correctly revealing an endless array of Bachelor and Bachelorette spoilers — the identity of the next Bachelor?

It’s Greg Grippo!

Wrote this reality television expert on Thursday afternoon:

(SPOILER): What I’ve been hearing the past 5 days or so regarding the next Bachelor are this…been told it’s going to be Greg.

Obviously it’s never “official” until ABC announces it (whenever that may be), but at this point I would be very surprised if it’s not him.

Grippo, of course, received the First Impression Rose from Katie Thurston on the most recent season of The Bachelorette.

He then advanced to Thurston’s final four, only to storm off the show after initiating an ugly argument with the beautiful star.

On the August 2 episode of this long-running franchise, Grippo accused Thurston of leading him on, trashing her for having the audacity to keep dating other men.

Despite, you know, such an arrangement being the entire premise of The Bachelorette.

"I haven’t been this happy in the longest time," Greg told Katie after she met his family, adding at the time:

"I didn’t know that I was going to fall in love with you. And I am in love with you."

"You just make me the happiest I’ve ever been."

Thurston, though, did not fullly reciprocate these feelings.

She said she didn’t feel comfortable using such extreme language while juggling multiple suitors, and this is what set Greg off.

"I’m so sad because I spilled my heart out to her last night. I don’t know. I told her I was in love with her. She really didn’t have any reaction," he said on camera, prior to confronting Katie in her hotel room.

Greg Grippo as a Suitor

"I wasn’t asking for a lot, just the smallest thing to let me know she was feeling somewhat of the same."

In the aforementioned room, Grippo lost it.

"There’s obviously a disconnect here. It’s, like, clear. That’s obvious," he told Thurston.

"As much as it hurts me, I’ve reached my breaking point with this. I gave you everything and I really hope you find something."

Wait, what? Thurston was very confused by this reaction.

"It was never about a rose for me this week and I was never asking for you to profess your love to me. I just wanted Katie," Grippo continued.

"I deserve more than what I’ve been given on your side. I’m not happy here anymore. I’m done here."

With that, Grippo left the season and Thurston broke down in tears.

Thurston would later accused Grippo of gaslighting her and would absolutely tear Greg a new one on the After the Final Rose special.

Suck It, Greg Grippo

"I never felt that you actually intended to probably ever get engaged," she said to him on stage.

"You’re saying that I’m not validating you enough but it’s, like, you got the first impression rose, you got the first one-on-one, a second one-on-one.

"Every single group date — and in the moment, I’m not realizing this, but I’m watching it back — I’m giving you validation every single week."

Greg Grippo Says Hello

Thurston went on to slam Grippo as a liar and a fraud and even mocked his supposed acting career … after it came out that Greg had been hiding his past and may have only appeared on The Bachelorette to pad his resume.


“I fill a hole in your heart, yet you treated me the way you did. You spoke down to me. You didn’t even bother to say goodbye," Thurston continued on the special.

"You say you love me, but I don’t think you even know what love is because that was a time I needed you the most and you ran away.

“Paired with those rumors and acting school, I don’t know if I actually know who Greg is. You’re a liar. You did not love me.”

And now this is gonna be the man to lead the next Bachelorette?!?

Yes, Reality Steve alleges.

He also recognizes the potential for backlash, for reasons as follows:

I know you have questions, “why not so-and-so,” “why not this guy,” etc. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. It’s their choice to make, only one guy can get the gig, & there will always be people who disagree.

How can you choose Sean, he was boring!

Wait, Nick? Where’d that come from?

Greg, 27

They pick who they pick and there will always be people upset no matter what. Greg will be no different.

I’m sure a certain podcast out there is now gonna have a conniption.

He’s a polarizing figure that will have people talking, which is what they want.

But by all accounts and everything I’m being told, he’s your next Bachelor so, I guess let’s get the hot take machine fired up.

Because here they come in full force.