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Earlier this month, a dispute over Britney Spears’ dogs led to her housekeeper accusing Britney of attacking her.

She claims that Britney struck her arm, while Britney’s camp says that this is not what happened.

What set the ball rolling on this was that Britney, to her horror, found that her dogs were missing from her house.

It turns out that they were taken away on Jamie Spears’ orders — and it’s not clear when they’ll be back home with her.

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TMZ reports that Britney Spears’ dogs were removed from her home around two weeks ago.

At that time, one of her dogs was feeling unwell.

The dog sitter, who is reportedly also a nurse, took both dogs to the vet.

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The dogs did not return over alleged neglect concerns that the report does not detail.

On August 10, Britney contacted the Ventury County Sheriff’s Department to report that her dogs had been stolen.

Given the still fairly recent horror of Lady Gaga’s dogs being stolen, one can only imagine the fear that Britney might have felt.

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It seems that by the time that the police arrived at her home to look into the matter, Britney had uncovered what had happened.

She had been prepared to file a theft report but did not.

One can only guess that perhaps she realized that this was not a traditional dognapping and that her dogs were safe.

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That was ten days ago. 

On Monday, August 16, Britney still did not have her dogs or know where they were.

TMZ‘s report says that Britney at least "suspected" that her father was behind the disappearance of her dogs.

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According to the report, Britney confronted her housekeeper, asking where her dogs were and why they were missing.

The housekeeper, who is paid by Jamie Spears under the conservatorship, apparently took a photo on her phone of a dog after it threw up.

She then sent the photo to Jamie, who reportedly contacted the dog sitter and instructed her to remove the dogs from the home.

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Britney’s housekeeper confessed to Britney what had happened and her role in it.

This is when Britney reportedly became very upset, reminding the housekeeper that she is not permitted to take photos inside Britney’s home.

An alleged struggle of some kind ensued. The only thing agreed upon is that the housekeeper’s phone left her hands.

Britney Spears Framed With Light
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TMZ‘s sources close to Britney say that Britney struck the phone, knocking it out of the housekeeper’s hand.

According to the housekeeper’s filing with law enforcement, Britney allegedly struck her arm, which caused her to lose her grip on the phone.

Reportedly, Britney still does not have her dogs back at home, but is said to be hopeful that this will happen soon.

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The housekeeper went on to file a battery report with the county sheriff’s department, who are now investigating.

Upon reviewing the case, a report will be sent to the District Attorney’s office to review.

Worst case scenario, it sounds like Britney could face a misdemeanor battery charge, though Britney’s people do not believe that any such thing will take place.

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Learning that someone she may have trusted inside of her home had violated that trust by taking pictures must have been chilling.

Realizing that they were seemingly involved in giving the worst person in her life an excuse to remove her dogs from her home must have been even worse.

It has been widely reported that Jamie used to use custody of Britney’s kids as a means to punish her. She may be reliving those fears now with her dogs.

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Even so, obviously, it would not justify violence.

Britney might not be able to hire her own housekeepers — remember, she does not control "her" financial decisions.

While extreme anger over one’s dogs being stolen is understandable, it is our hope that nothing violent took place.

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It is also, obviously, our hope that no neglect of Britney’s dogs took place.

However, we are admittedly puzzled over how this alleged neglect took place if there is a dog-sitter involved.

No dogs should be neglected, but given Britney’s total lack of autonomy and self-determination under her conservatorship, we have to ask who would be responsible if they were.