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Long before she became a mother of four and the world’s first billionaire MILF, Kim Kardashian was famous for one thing — her gloriously curvaceous figure.

(Okay, two things if you count the sex tape that brought that figure to the world’s attention.)

These days, Kim has a lot more on her plate, and her achievements are too numerous to list here.

But when a band with a dozen gold records goes on tour, the audience still demands to hear the old hits, and Kim is a genius when it comes to giving the people what they want.

Kim Kardashian Is Wearing a Bikini Again

Earlier this week, Kim posted a pair of bikini selfies that made focal points of her most beloved assets.

She humorously captioned the photos, "Resting beach face."

Of course, we probably don’t need to tell you that most of her followers were not focused on Kim’s face in these pics.

Photo via Instagram

As many commenters observed, the 40-year-old is looking as flawlessly voluptuous as ever.

Some even noticed that Kim is at her absolute physical peak these days.

However, those fans can be divided into two groups — the ones who were applauding Kim for her commitment to fitness, and the ones who were blasting her for undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Kim Kardashian on Taco Tuesday
Photo via Instagram

Following the news that Kim had filed for divorce from Kanye West, there was much discussion about the future of her Instagram page.

Namely, fans wondered if Kim would return to posting bikini selfies now that she was free from the oppressive influence of her overbearing husband.

It’s worth noting that Kim never really stopped posting swimwear pics, but her content was significantly toned down in the final years of her marriage.

Photo via Instagram

Kim addressed the topic of her famously racy social media posts during a conversation with Andy Cohen on the final Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion show.

"There’s something powering about that [posting a bikini photo] but I also don’t want to embarrass my kids or make them feel away in high school and I’m the embarrassing mom that’s like posing in, you know, selfies and bikinis," she explained.

Makes sense to us, and judging by the comments, Kim’s millions of followers ar big fans of her more sultry snaps.

Kim Kardashian Enjoys the Outdoors

Of course, with all the praise she receives, it would be easy for Kim to get a big head (to match her big … other features).

Fortunately, her sisters are always there to keep her ego in check.

"Kim will continuously send a photo," Khloe Kardashian recently remarked when discussing Kim’s process for vetting photos before she posts.

Kim Kardashian in 2021

"She sent it two days in a row thinking we wouldn’t remember that it was the same photo."

So there you have it, folks.

Even self-made billionaires with legendary physiques occasionally feel insecure about their beach photos. 

Kim Kardashian Is Wearing a Bikini on Vacation
Photo via Instagram

So next time you’re on the fence about whether or not you should post a pic in which you’re rocking your most fashionable swimwear ask yourself one question — what would Kim do?

The answer, it seems, is "send the pic to your inner circle for approval, then upload it for the enjoyment of the masses!"