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The final season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has chronicled a great deal of the family’s issues.

One of those struggles has been Kourtney feeling pressured to get back with Scott.

He’s the father of her children, they get along well, and a lot of her loved ones would like to see them back together.

For the first time, Kourtney is laying out exactly why she can never get back with Scott.

After 20 long seasons, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is ending.

While the Kardashians have secured a Hulu deal to continue their reign, it’s still the end of an era.

They’re topping it all off with an upcoming Reunion-style sit-down to answer hard questions.

Many realities have Reunions and Tell All specials.

The concept is almost synonymous with the Real Housewives franchise.

For that reason, who could be a better host than the incomparable Andy Cohen?

As you can see in the teaser that we have included, nothing is off-limits when it comes to Andy’s questions.

That doesn’t mean that he starts by shoving them all into the deep-end.

His first question in the teaser is simple: why did they end their show after 20 seasons?

“We’re all feeling a little overwhelmed,” Kris Jenner expresses.

She notes: “We had done it for so long.”

That much has been very apparent, especially as some of the family members stepped back from their roles on the series.

Appearing on reality TV takes up valuable time … and can exact a toll on people’s real lives.

This is the subject of Andy’s next question, as he turns to Kourtney.

Does she believe that things with Scott Disick would have turned out differently if they hadn’t "shared so much of it" with viewers?

"Probably," Kourtney replies honestly to Andy’s question.

However, that was not what she considers to be the dealbreaker.

That is something that she can name.

Kourtney Kardashian at the Reunion

“But I think the substance abuse was the deal-breaker,” Kourtney shares.

Scott does not seem to disagree, at least as far as what the teaser shows us reveals.

He chimes in: “I was pretty irresponsible.”

There is much more, of course.

Andy asks Scott (at least seemingly — you know how editing goes for these things) if Kourtney and Travis have his "blessing."

In this teaser, we do not get to hear Scott’s answer.

Kim also seems visibly and vocally surprised by Kourtney’s answer about reality TV impacting her erstwhile romance with Scott.

That is interesting on multiple levels.

Not the least of which being that it looks like her romance with Travis Barker is going to also air on the family’s new show.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Finale Reunion Stage Photo

It sounds like Kim is also sharing a lot about her fallen marriage to Kanye.

While the reasons for the divorce are obvious, there are conflicting reports about many details.

It will be interesting to hear Kim’s side of things.

Kim Kardashian in Full Tears

As for Khloe, the obvious questions about Tristan Thompson’s serial cheating come up.

Viewers will be able to gauge for themselves whether or not Khloe is in denial.

Just like everyone will have to decide for themselves what to think of Scott’s hair right now.

Kris is also asked about her ex.

Andy asks the momager if she has forgiven Caitlyn for how she treated Kris.

While most of us are occupied thinking about how awful Caitlyn has been politically, Kris’ hurts are more personal.

The Reunion will begin airing on Thursday, June 17.

Part 2 of the Tell All will take place on Sunday, June 20.

After that … well, you can catch the Kardashians on Hulu, we suppose.