Britney Spears Vacations in Paradise: I Need Peace of Mind Before My Next Court Date!

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The absolute nightmare of Britney Spears' conservatorship might not last forever.

At least, her new attorney is taking action to end her awful father's stranglehold over her life.

Britney is taking the fight for her freedom very seriously.

But it doesn't mean that she can't take some time away from it all and escape being hounded by photographers.

Britney Spears lounges on the beach (Hawaii)

Britney Spears' latest Instagram activity has shown that she has headed to Hawaii.

Now at one of her favorite vacation destinations, she is enjoying time on the beach with her hunky boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Britney has very few personal freedoms in life, but vacationing is something that she can do sometimes.

Britney Spears enjoys a cool drink in Hawaii

One might wonder why someone with a Hidden Hills mansion would need to "get away."

An inside source opens up to HollywoodLife about why Britney is taking a break.

“Britney has been in Hawaii to relax," the insider began.

Britney Spears Topless

"And," the source explained, Britney is in Hawaii to "not be hounded by the press as much."

“Her team thought it would be a good idea," the insider added.

The realized that it was best "for her to go to one of her favorite places."

Britney Spears In a Maid Costume

That way, Britney could relax "and be away from everything for a bit."

She could unwind "as she prepares for the next upcoming court date in September."

According to the insider, "They are hard at work preparing for her now.”

Britney and Sam on the Trail

A second insider shared that Britney is very much aware of how "important this date is for her freedom."

The source stressed: “She’s taking it very, very seriously."

"She wants nothing more than to be able to make her own choices and decisions," the insider noted.

Britney in 2016

"And," the source stated, "it’s as simple as that."

The insider reiterated: "She knows how important this date is for her freedom.”

The source explained: “She feels she’s finally in a position where she can have that freedom."

Britney Spears Dances in Rose Project Video

"So," the insider reasoned, "having a clear head and laying low is best for right now."

"She’s in a much calmer, better state than she was a month ago," the source added.

The insider affirmed that Britney is "very much looking forward" to her court date.

Britney Spears is Topless

“She’s feeling like she has a good shot," the source cautiously expressed.

Britney hopes "to finally live her life the way she feels she deserves.”

Apparently, the volume of support for her from #FreeBritney supporters is a major source of strength for her.

Britney Spears Video Still

“The fans are seriously the ones that are pulling her through this," the insider characterized.

"And," the source expressed, "she’s so thankful to have them."

The insider added: “She’s feeling good.”

Britney Spears Shares a Fitness Montage

Obviously, as always, we will take these unconfirmed reports about Britney's alleged mood and inner workings with a grain of salt.

We're sure that she's enjoying her time with her needlessly handsome boyfriend in Hawaii.

We're also sure that she fully understands what is riding on her upcoming court dates regarding her unjust conservatorship.

Brtiney Spears: Quarantine Six-Pack

At the same time, we're also sure that it is not only a source of assurance but a relief to have so much popular support.

For so many years, negative press coverage was clearly weaponized to convince Britney that no one would believe or help her.

The voice of the #FreeBritney movement must remain one of encouragement for her as she fights for her fundamental human rights.

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