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Now that every headline is about pandemics and global financial crises, it can be comforting to reflect on a time when the Kim Kardashian sex tape was big news.

For those of you who are too young to remember, allow us to set the stage:

Kim Kardashian Speaks Freely

In 2007, Kim would’ve been happy to be called a D-lister.

After all, that would’ve meant that someone knew her name and was talking about her.

At the time, she was best known as Paris Hilton’s friend and occasional closet organizer — not to mention Nicole Richie’s full-time punching bag.

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That all changed with the release of Kim Kardashian Super Star, a sex tape that Kim made with then-boyfriend Ray J.

Overnight, Kim became the poster girl for the "famous for being famous" phenomenon.

Actually, Kim became famous through shrewd self-promotion, and she’s remained that way by demonstrating an almost preternatural understanding of trends and marketing.

But then, as now, the press favors a simple narrative — and Kim’s rags-to-riches story proved to be especially popular.

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So perhaps it should come as no surprise that all these years later, the tale is still inspiring works of fiction.

The aptly-named author Kevin Dickson has penned a novel called Post Famous whose central character, Zia Zandrian, isn an alliteratively-named thirst queen who — at the behest of her even thirstier mother — sells her sex tape for $5 million and instantly becomes famous.

Obviously, the book was inspired by Kim’s own rise to super-stardom — and it seems she’s not happy with the similarities.

In fact, according to a new report from Page Six, Kim and Kris Jenner have made moves to prevent the book’s publication.

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“It seemed a dead certainty that the deal would happen [with that publisher],” one insider tells the outlet.

“Another author [who writes for] the same publisher even reached out to Kev to say that they were excited because they’d heard that they were [now both] going be published by the same company.”

After a deal was reached, however, the published decided to politely pass on Dickson’s tome.

“It wouldn’t be worth the hassle,” said one source.

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"The hassle," of course, is pushback from Kim and Kris.

It seems lawyers for the Kard clan have allegedly made it clear that they plan to sue if the book ever sees the light of day.

It’s a bit surprising, as Kim has never seemed ashamed of her past.

We guess all those years on the A-list can change a person!