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It’s been six months since Kim Kardshian filed for divorce from Kanye West, and it seems she’s making every effort to remain on good terms with the father of her four children.

And she deserves all the credit in the world for that, as her ex isn’t exactly famous for his level head and passive demeanor.

But just because Kim and ‘Ye have worked out an amicable co-parenting relationship, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t derive occasional pleasure from showing her ex what she’s missing out on.

Or celebrating a bit when she finds out that her his rebound fling went bust.

Kim Kardashian In Rome

You see, two important things happened in the Kimye-verse this week, and they may or may not be related.

First, Kanye and Irina Shayk broke up after just three months of dating.

Shortly thereafter, Kim started posting some very racy pics on her Instagram page.

Kim Kardashian on Taco Tuesday
Photo via Instagram

We know that’s not exactly a rare occurrence, but these photos were risque even by Kardashian standards.

The timing is interesting, as insiders say Kanye had a dress code for Kim.

In addition to actually choosing his wife’s outfits, Yeezy apparently had a laundry list of rules for when Kim wanted to show some skin online.

Kim Kardashian Feels That She Has Achieved So Much

So these days, when she posts pics in which she’s showing as much as Instagram allows, rumors tend to abound that she’s doing it as an "eff you" to her ex.

That’s entirely possible, of course.

But there’s a special reason for Kim’s latest attempt to break the internet, and it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with her marriage.

Kim Kardashian Topless In Sand

Kim is promoting the latest releases from her Skims shapewear line, and she knows the best way she can capture the attention of her 248 million followers is to model the new designs herself.

So Kim’s latest posts are probably not a reaction to Kanye’s relationship news.

In fact, she subtly expressed her support by Kanye the day of the breakup by posting a photo of herself listening to West’s new album Donda, which is named after his late mother.

Photo via Instagram

“Although they are going through a divorce, the couple still spend time together alone, or with their kids. Kanye lives mostly out of L.A., but when he’s in town they make it a priority to meet up,” an insider recently told Us Weekly.

“Kim has had the children lately since Kanye has been working on the album. But co-parenting has been going well for the couple.”

It’s further evidence that these two have remained on good terms with one another.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in 2018

And apparently, Kim approved of Kanye’s relationship with Irina, largely because the model knows how to obey a code of silence.

“She saw how quiet and respectful Irina was after she broke up with Bradley,” the insider said, adding that Kim “wouldn’t like” to see her ex-husband with someone “who’s going to talk to the press.”

“Kanye and Irina are over, but they never really started, there’s nothing going on there,” a different source told Us.

Kanye and Irina

The insider adds that Irina ended her relationship Kanye when she realized “they aren’t great romantic partners.”

“Kanye has been busy working and spending time with his kids. This is his focus. He doesn’t have time to date right now. He finds Irina amazing though,” the source said.

“They remain friendly. It was never a serious thing that took off.”

Kanye West Gets Silly

Well, it’s nice that they parted on good terms.

But getting dumped and then claiming that you’re "too busy to date" is a classic Kanye move.