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Like so many others who rely upon the platform, Larissa Lima has been reeling from recent OnlyFans news.

The 90 Day Fiance legend has had a lot going on in her life.

In addition to recovering from her most recent surgeries, she is trying to dip her toes back into dating.

There’s just one problem: Larissa was slapped with a 6-month ban from Hinge.

Photo via YouTube

Larissa Lima famously made a Tinder account, where she met ex-boyfriend Eric Nichols, in 2019.

Like most people using apps to date, she is not only on one. Larissa made a Hinge account.

She has been tragically unhinged … and had to fight a major uphill battle to change that.

Larissa Lima Sits in the Cold Sunlight
Photo via Instagram

“After I cry a lot they gave my account back," Larissa revealed this week on her Instagram Stories.

"I got banned for 6 months," she lamented.

Larissa detailed her struggle to rectify this: "I sent 100 emails to them.”

"That was Hinge," Larissa specified in another post.

"I got banned for 6 months," she reiterated.

"Now I’m unblocked," Larissa announced with a celebratory vibe.

Larissa Lima Discusses OnlyFans on YouTube

"But," Larissa added, "I had to work with and bug them day and night."

She did not explain exactly why she was banned from the app.

Given Hinge’s reputation — and hers — there are a couple of possibilities to consider.

Larissa Lima Gets Serious on Instagram

The first is simply that many famous people have been banned from Hinge for "impersonating" themselves.

A reality star, a musician, an actor, etc goes on the app to date.

What happens next is that someone sees them, assumes that it’s a fake account, and reports it as a fraud.

Larissa Lima Wears Pink on YouTube
Photo via YouTube

The second possibility is that Larissa may have accidentally violated one of their policies.

Followers have speculated that Larissa’s photos, while fine for Instagram, may have pushed the envelope for Hinge.

Larissa’s surgically enhanced assets are, well, difficult to miss. It’s not clear if that is the cause of the ban.

Larissa Lima Enjoys Her Dinner
Photo via Instagram

Obviously, a number of fans and commenters can relate to the stone wall that is customer service.

Of course, from the other end of things, we can only imagine what it was like for customer service to deal with Larissa’s responses.

It’s not shady or an insult to say that she’s a handful. Actually, she’s several handfulls. And that’s not even a boobs joke.

Speaking of Larissa’s larger-than-life personality, she recently compared herself to Elvira.

She observed a number of parallels in her story and Elvira’s (fictional) story.

It’s a coincidence, but it’s a neat and potentially empowering observation.

Larissa Lima IG addresses latest round of procedures, OF news

Larissa also addressed the recent ups and downs of OnlyFans first banning NSFW content and then walking back that disastrous policy.

Like a lot of sex workers and other content creators who use the platform, she is uneasy, even after the cruel plans were suspended.

Larissa also showed off how she is recovering from going under the knife again, this time enlarging her breasts even more dramatically than before.

Photo via YouTube

Larissa has yet to post a proper "full reveal" because she is still recovering from receiving her new implants.

We wish her well as she continues to recover and live her post-Coltee, post-Erickee life.

We know that Colorado wasn’t what she had hoped that it would be, but we look forward to what Larissa will do next.