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Even without concrete information, fans know that Jana Duggar and Stephen Wissmann’s engagement was a long time coming.

Their families have had close ties for years, and Jana has been spending a conspicuous amount of time with them.

Fans think that they’d have announced plans to marry already if Josh Duggar’s trial weren’t looming.

A very convincing new wedding registry has appeared with a realistic-sounding date. Is this the real deal?

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The Duggars have not confirmed that Jana and Stephen are courting, much less engaged to be married.

Part of this may be that the family has kept more recent relationships quiet.

After all, it wasn’t confirmed that Jedidiah was courting Katey Nakatsu until they were already married.

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That’s certainly one way to avoid having photographers try to crash a wedding ceremony.

But in light of Josh’s arrest in late April on heinous charges that he is facing, fans have wondered if the Duggars are keeping quiet.

One can easily see why the Wissmann family wouldn’t want to be dragged into this mess.

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Still, starting late last year, cybersleuths who follow the Duggar family and their exploits — both good and bad — have seen the signs.

While clues have suggested that the two will marry, part of it is simply an informed assumption.

After all, even at Jana’s age, would Jim Bob permit his property — as he effectively considers his daughters — to spend so much time away from home if it weren’t leading to marriage?

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In recent weeks, multiple wedding registries have cropped up on multiple sites.

Some have been vague registries with incomplete names. Others have spelled out Jana and Stephen’s full names.

Interestingly, fans have looked into multiple registries featuring the couple’s names … and they have turned out to be hoaxes and scams.

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In other words, random people are going onto Amazon and Target, creating wedding registires, and writing Jana and Stephen’s names.

(That helps explain why some of them wrote Stephen Wissmann’s name as Wissman — only one N. Kind of a red flag)

The goal, one imagines, is to receive free gifts from unwitting fans who for some reason want to send presents to rich fundamentalists.

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But fake registries, which anyone can make for any wedding, don’t mean that there can’t be a real one.

Sooner or later, Jana and Stephen will have a registry, unless the entire world has vastly misunderstood what is going on here.

A new registry has cropped up, and fans are wondering if this one is the real deal.

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Redditors shared a screenshot of a new wedding registry, noting that, this time, Stephen’s name is spelled correctly.

The registry cites the wedding date as October 9 and looks fairly legit.

So should anyone who wants to give gifts to, again, rich fundamentalists, spend their hard-earned money on this registry?

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A redditor tested things out so that the rest of us do not have to.

They added something to their cart just to see how things played out, and found that it would be delivered to someone named "Mary" in New York.

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Womp womp.

This likely means that the October 9 wedding date is either totally bogus or the world’s luckiest guess.

Unfortunately, we may have to wait until Jim Bob deigns to announce a wedding … unless something concrete drops.