Farrah Abraham: I'm So Stressed From Harvard Finals That I Almost Burned My House Down!

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For several months now, Farrah Abraham has been claiming that she's enrolled at Harvard.

The only time she broke from that absolutely bonkers story is when she briefly claimed that she already has a degree from Harvard.

Now, we don't want to unnecessarily drag Farrah by pointing out that she's not terribly bright.

But usually, people who misspell "memoir" on the cover of their memoir don't wind up graduating from America's most prestigious university.

Farrah Abraham Speaks

So WTF is actually going on here?

There's no way that Farrah is attending the same school that produced Barack Obama, Al Gore, and Conan O'Brien ... is there?

Believe it or not, it seems that Farrah does have some ties to Harvard, but that doesn't mean that she's a fully-matriculated student who's on her way to receiving a degree.

Farrah Abraham in Pigtails

Farrah's Harvard talk began earlier this summer, which means she probably paid to take a couple of summer classes that are open to the public.

But because she wants to teach her daughter the art of pathological lying at a young age, 12-year-old Sophia Abraham was featured in several of Farrah's BS posts about her hefty Harvard workload.

Thankfully, Sophia is smarter than Farrah, so she probably knows when her mother is full of it.

Farrah Brings Sophia Along

Anyway, Farrah was talking Harvard again this week, and it seems that she's really stressed out by her final exams.

So stressed, in fact, that she nearly burned her freakin' house down.

Yeah, obviously, this one requires a bit of explanation.

Farrah Abraham for America

It all started with a tweet in which Farrah praised a candle company whose products have been helping her unwind.

“When you loose it from Harvard finals and finally get break whew! Candle magic @hotelcollection_ " she wrote.

Yes, Farrah doesn't know how to spell "lose," so we can imagine why Harvard final exams might be a stressful experience for her.

Farrah Abraham Gets Vaccinated

From there, Farrah went on Instagram Live so that she could show her followers how to light a candle.

Apparently, she thinks this is the kind of knowledge that most people lack.

Momentarily forgetting that Teen Mom was the MTV show that made her famous and not Jackass, Farrah decided to ignite her flame in extreme fashion.

Farrah and a Flame

She held up a plastic lighter and sprayed an aerosol can into the flame, a move that obviously could have ended in disaster.

Needless to say, a lot of the folks who commented on Farrah's stunt were quick to point out that she wasn't demonstrating Harvard-caliber intelligence.

“Why are you playing with a spray can and a lighter. Sorry that's dangerous and shows you daughter if my mom can do it then so can I," one person wrote.

Farrah on Fire

“Yes spray that over the flame. Will see how ur face is going to look when that flame jumps back into the bottle and explodes," a second commented.

“You’re joking, right?” a third asked.

“Farrah is low end Wal-Mart status," a fourth chimed in.

Farrah Abraham Cries and Cries

You get the idea.

Thankfully, Farrah didn't burn her house down or injure anyone this time.

But if she enrolls at Harvard again next semester, hopefully they'll stick her in a remedial fire safety class.

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