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Here’s the thing, you guys.

Farrah Abraham never said she holds a degree from Harvard University, okay?

She only said a few weeks ago that she is attending classes at the famous college in New England.

So let’s just give her some time, shall we? Once Abraham actually walks across that stage, we’re certain she’ll learn how to spell basic words on the cover of next book, alright?!?

Farrah Abraham in Pigtails

We say this because Abraham is facing some harsh criticism online at the moment.

That’s what happens, we guess, after you release an actual book titled "Dream Twenties" that you describe as a "Self Guided, Self Help Memoire" on the very front…. apparently not realizing that you don’t know the proper spelling of what the book actually is.

Which is say:

It’s a memoir. That’s how you spell the word, Farrrah. M-E-M-O-I-R.

Critics of the former Teen Mom star recently came across the title on Amazon and simply couldn’t believe it was real.

Is this a joke, some have asked?

Was Farrah paid real money to write this, others inquired?

What advice, exactly, are we supposed to take away from someone who’s best known for plowing men on tape and for exploiting her daughter at every opportunity, still others wondered?

Farrah Abraham Screen Capture

These are all fair questions.

Perhaps, however, minds will be changed after folks read the official book description.

"A self-guided self-help memoir by New York Times best-selling author Farrah Abraham, Dream Twenties brings you the stepping stones of living a life of justice and essential success for the 21st century by top googled celebrity Farrah Abraham," it opens.

"Farrah Abraham has shared her life with the world since she was 16 & pregnant on MTV, notably Hollywood’s favorite Teen Mom and now thirty years old."

Farrah Abraham for America


Not there yet?

Your jaw remains on stuck on the floor due to total and complete shock that this biography exists?

Farrah Abraham on Video in April 2021

"Farrah goes on to fight for the female perspective through her coming-of-age adult journey," continues the synopsis.

"Farrah Abraham recalls her most challenging moments surrounding equality, diversity, inclusion, breaking the silence on sexual assault, cyberbullying, and living a life of activism through art forms of media in the dreamiest moments of her twenties.

"Farrah Abraham has chosen to enrich the world with boundaries, consent culture, healing, mental health, and end abuse in front and behind the screen, extending to all of our communities that networks reach."

Farrah Abraham Cries and Cries
Photo via Instagram


And you probably thought Abraham didn’t enrich the world in any way at all!

"Live a life of justice," concludes the teaser.

"May all your twenties dreams come true even before or after your twenties."

Farrah and Sophia Hit the Links

Does that make any sense at all? Not really, hence the absolute roasting of Farrah that may never cease at this rate.

But here’s the real question:

Would you rather Abraham spend time writing memoirs… or giving her 12-year old pregnancy tests?

Think about it.