Farrah Abraham Swears She Has a Degree from Harvard University

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Today is April 1.

And you know what that means, don't you?

You may be seeing some celebrity gossip stories out there that are false, that are simply begging for you to click on them and read through their content -- only to be told at the end that they're an April Fools Day joke.

Based on the headline above, you'd think this would be one of those phony articles.

Farrah Abraham with Blonde Hair

But you'd sadly be mistaken.

It really is true that Farrah Abraham has updated her LinkedIn profile to say she has a Master Of Liberal Arts from the Creative Writing and Literature Graduate Program.

At Harvard University.

Yes, the same school that employed Will Hunting and from whose law school Barack Obama graduated..

Farrah Abraham Responds

The thing is, this is a very easy to claim to fact check.

Someone pointed this out to Farrah earlier in the week and wondered why she would publicize such a lie, prompting her to simply clap back on TikTok:

"Thanks for being a hater at someone getting their Masters at Harvard, you're so funny.

"But you know what? Bank accounts don't lie and neither does my baby."

sophia and Farrah Abraham pic

Second later in the footage, the former MTV star turns to her often-exploited daughter Sophia, who is sitting beside her in the car, and asks:

"Where is your mom enrolled for school right now?"

"Harvard," replies thhe 12-year old.

So... we guess that settles it then?

Our bad for doubting you, Farrah!

Farrah Abraham Masked Up

Critics on social media, however, didn't just take Sophia's word for it. Many of them felt bad for the poor young woman, who continually gets dragged into her mother's incomprehensible messes and scandals.

"She’s as delusional as her mom," one person wrote on Reddit, for example.

Another added, referring to Abraham:

"She looks and acts like a parody of herself. Cant wait till she tells us shes a doctor and forces her kid to tell us the same."

Farrah Abraham Goes Shopping

Farrah, of course, says ridiculous things all the time.

Earlier this month, Farrah was slammed for claiming that Cardi B "glamorizes prostitution and stripping," considering her own history of taking her clothes off on Webcams and on herr Instagram page.

Last summer, it came to light that Farrah was selling highly explicit content on her OnlyFans account, including both "doggy style" and "golden shower" videos for $100.

She also got fired by MTV back in the day for posting similar content online.

Farrah Abraham Gets Vaccinated

Abraham also sees herself as an advocate for equal rights, while simultaneously supporting Donald Trump.

So you can understand what we meant by what we wrote at the outset, right?

It's April Fools Day. You should maybe question some of the stuff you see on the Internet today.

At this point, however, it's hard to even raise an eyebrow over almost anything Farrah Abraham utters.

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