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Wow, Brittany DeJesus.

Tell us how you really feel about Kailyn Lowry!

In the wake of this Teen Mom 2 star filing a defamation lawsuit against Briana DeJesus, in which Lowry accused her foe of lying in order to gain fame and fortune, Briana’s sister has fired back on social media.

And you may wanna put your children to bed before reading exactly what Brittany has to say…

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First, however, a refresher:

A month ago, MTV cut Lowry from an episode of Teen Mom 2.

They did so, presumably, because filming took place last fall, back when Lowry got arrested for allegedly punching Chris Lopez, the father of her youngest two sons.

Briana, to put it bluntly, thought this was total BS.

Photo via MTV

She trashed Lowry for forcing producers to edit her out of the installment, slamming her rival as a phony and expressing extreme annoyance over Kailyn refusing to let viewers see this side of her life.

"Since joining Teen Mom 2, I have worked hard to show my true authentic self while filming," said Briana in June, adding:

"Personally, I feel like if you are too good to film your real life than why would you be own a show that is supposed to be about your real life?"

Photo via MTV

"Like someone is filming on the show legitimately filming about a wallpaper color choice when she could be filming about a domestic abuse situation with her baby daddy that I was told she was trying to hide."

Elsewhere in this rant, DeJesus claimed that Kailyn broke into Lopez’s moms house and referenced a "physical altercation with with Her baby daddy."

Kailyn Lowry TikTok Photo

Lowry, however, has denied that she ever hit Lopez.

And she’s now filed an actual lawsuit against DeJesus, stating that Briana "asserted that Lowry physically beat Christopher Lopez, the father of two of Lowry’s sons, and broke into and entered the home of Mr. Lopez’s mother."

Kailyn’s lawyers allege Briana’s remarks were untrue and were made "for the purpose of causing Lowry harm…Defendant used Lowry to gain additional media attention for herself."

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A rep for the mother of four added to E! News:

"Kail is disheartened by the recent untrue statements made by her fellow castmate, Briana Dejesus, concerning Kail’s absence from a recent episode and involvement in crimes that she never committed."

"Kail takes these statements very seriously."

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"After necessary self-reflection, Kail has decided to handle this situation with Ms. Dejesus by exercising her legal right to protect herself and her brand in Court."

Briana has not yet responded to the lawsuit.

But, boy oh boy, did Brittany DeJesus respond!

Brittany, Briana’s sister, simply WENT OFF on Lowry for taking this legal action, Tweeting:

Y’all can come for me all y’all want this is just my personal opinion and I’m entitled to my freedom of speech but I think Kail Lowry exudes DRY P***Y ENERGY.

Oh, well. Okay then!

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Continued Brittany, along this exact theme:

A white woman calling for legal help against a person of color… typical Karen s**t.

Again… DRY P***Y ENERGY!

Photo via Instagram

After getting all this off her chest, DeJesus left her followers with just one more comment:

“I’m finna go smoke my weed and chill tf out before she go ahead and sue my a** for speaking my mind lol.”

Kailyn and Briana’s feud has played out for years.

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They’ve gone at it on social media, in the press and, perhaps most infamously, during a legitimate fight on the 2017 reunion stage that included vase-throwing, a lot of screaming and even some hair-pulling.

It all goes back to Briana having dated Lowry’s ex, Javi Marroquin, for a period of time about four years ago.

This is the first time, however, that lawyers have been brought into the picture.

Briana With Javi on Instagram

Lowry is requesting that DeJesus pay her attorney fees, as well as compensate Kail for damages, following a trial by jury.

We doubt this lawsuit will actually get that far.

But, hey, this sure makes for an outstanding storyline for next season, doesn’t it?