Big Brother Recap: Who Went Home Thanks to the Second Veto?

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Kyland's second reign as Head of Household has been a controversial affair.

After putting Claire up on the block as his target against his ally Derek F, he had a change of heart.

Thanks to the second Veto being in play, he changed the nominations at the top of the latest eviction episode.

Trouble for Claire on Big Brother

Britini was upset after learning about his plan to target her. It was only a few days ago that she made a deal with him to keep him off the block for two weeks.

Kyland took Claire off the block and replaced her with Britini, leaving the final noms as Britini and Derek F.

Claire and Derek X are starting to realize there's a majority alliance in the house and that they're on the outside of it.

Xavier Prather on Big Brother

They floated the idea of flipping the vote and keeping Britini because they started to question why she was put on the block, to begin with.

The Cookout started plotting next week's target, and as expected, it was Derek X.

Xavier and Kyland tried to tell Derek X to avoid winning the competition because it meant he would be able to play next week, and the trio would keep each other safe.

Derek X quickly took this information to Claire, and they both agreed it was fishy.

Kyland Young on Big Brother

When we got to the live vote and eviction, Britini rapped to try to stay in the game, but she was sent packing by a vote of 7-1.

Azah was the only vote in her favor, and you could tell Azah was cut up about sending one of her best friends in the game out of the house.

The next Head of Household competition found the competitors individually going over a balance beam, complete with shortcuts. The fastest to the other side would secure the power.

Claire kicked things off with a 34 second time, followed by Alyssa around the 24-second mark, but the latter's mark was scrubbed because she tripped at the end.

Alyssa Lopez for CBS

Sarah Beth shocked everyone by flying through the competition in a 21-second score, while Derek X came close but not close enough.

Sarah Beth won the power, but with Kyland in her ear, she'll probably nominate the remaining non-cookout members.

This will not go in favor of the non-cookout members ... unless they can get through to Sarah Beth.

We still have the BB High Rollers competition on the way, which could potentially shake things up.

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS.

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