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For more than a year, 90 Day Fiance fans have worried that Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina might still be together.

Geoffrey is seriously bad news, according to the legal system, multiple exes, and common sense.

Varya has chosen to keep things alarmingly coy while making it clear that she’s in the United States.

Now, she’s opening up about what it’s like as a Russian woman to become "prey" while dating.

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days alum Varya Malina took to Instagram to wax philosophical about dating. Really.

"What’s the difference between American and Russian women?" she began.

"From my personal observation," Varya commented, "Americans are definitely more initiative in relationships."

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"Many Eastern European women prefer playing a coy," Varya explained.

According to Varya, she is more familiar with women adopting "a ‘prey pretending’ strategy."

Varya wrote that women do this "in order to lure men."

Geoffrey and Varya in Moscow

"So we evoke a natural hunting instinct," Varya reasoned.

"And," she explained, "leave it up to a guy to approach us."

That is a very passive approach to dating … up to a point.

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"In a Russian reality, men make the first step," Varya described.

She then added "or, at least they think they do."

"But in a different part of the world, the rules are different," Varya acknowledged.

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"It’s harder for men to know how to behave on dates in the era of the #MeToo movement," Varya oddly commented.

Yes, we’re going to have to thoroughly unpack that in a moment.

"They are extra cautious," she added, "and even would rather to be approached by a confident woman."

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"I often hear from girls: ‘It’s time for men to ‘man up!’" Varya claimed.

"So, let them do it;" she added.

Varya counseled women: "don’t steal their opportunity to show the men’s nature."

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Well, it’s certainly a good idea to know what sort of man you’re really dating.

"In order to avoid confusion," Varya wrote.

She continued: "I should say that I think relationships work best when the guy has his hands on the steering wheel."

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"But the girl shouldn’t be just a passenger," Varya added.

"She should be a co-captain," she suggested, "helping navigate the relationships along the way."

It’s unclear what vehicle is involved in this analogy at this point, but we can understand her meaning.

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"What’s your opinion on the subject?" Varya asked her fans.

Asking questions like this is a classic way to drive up social media engagement.

She concluded by asking: "Have you ever made the first step towards to a man?"

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Varya’s caption seems to reflect some bizarre cultural fixations upon anachronistic gender roles.

However, like she says, she comes from a different place and background.

In reality, it’s smarter for people to be themselves while dating — if they’re not compatible, then they’re not compatible.

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Fans are deeply concerned about Varya’s continued residence in the United States, and for once, it’s not about xenophobia.

Geoffrey Paschel’s exes have accused him of brutal domestic violence. That is why he’s no longer on the franchise.

Fans fear that Varya may be married to Geoffrey. No one, no one deserves that. We hope that she is safe.