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The whirlwind romance between Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker has led to speculation of a secred Vegas wedding.

Instead of laughing off the rumors, Kourt and Travis don’t seem to mind.

In fact, they’ve never been more open about how crazy they are about each other.

Travis is now gushing about how he dreamt of one day living a life like this with Kourtney.

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Travis Barker first tweeted his feelings for all to see.

Then, he shared that tweet in a screenshot on his Instagram Stories.

Kourtney saw it and shared his Story of his tweet to her own Stories.

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In other words, they were not exactly trying to keep this a secret.

Quite the opposite — they want everyone to know, and are rubbing their love into critics’ faces.

"I dreamt what I’m living right now," Travis wrote.

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When Kourtney shared the Story, she did not choose to add any commentary of her own.

She did not need to.

Travis said enough for both of them, especially since they both shared the message so widely.

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Kourtney and Travis went public with their relationship earlier this year.

Specifically, they chose Valentine’s Day for the occassion — a go-big-or-go-home, unmissable sign that things were serious.

That has proven to be foreshadowing for everything else between them.

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Frankly, the MILF and DILF couple seem totally intoxicated with one another.

We have all seen plenty of PDA on social media, and we have to remember that that’s the stuff that they decide to share.

There is no doubt plenty of public and semi-public affection that never makes it onto Instagram.

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They have also been taking trips together, trips with their kids, and up to a point, trips with each other’s kids.

(Okay, Kourtney with Travis’ daughters, but that’s still a huge step, even if they are teenagers)

These are signs that the couple could be the real deal — not just a fun fling between longtime friends.

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Inside sources have been screaming from the rooftops that the end of Kourtney’s single status is nigh.

Travis has been married before.

But despite her lengthy relationship with Scott Disick, the father of her three children, Kourtney has never been married.

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But Life & Style reports that a proposal is "imminent," according to sources close to the Kardashians.

In fact, the insider added that "marriage is almost certain."

Kourtney’s family sounds incredibly supportive — which contrasts sharply with how they felt about at least one of her exes.

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Apparently, Kourtney’s famous siblings "say they’ve never seen her this crazy in love."

It’s not just the siblings, either. Momager knows best.

"Kris is ecstatic that her oldest daughter is happy," the insider shared.

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"It’s an exciting time for Kourtney," the source added.

"And," the insider affirmed, "no one deserves it more than her.”

However, Kris apparently does have concerns that Kourtney could elope.

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You know, if Kris is that worried about it, it’s possible that Kourtney and Travis didn’t strongly suggest that they married in Vegas just to troll fans.

They may have just, specifically, been trolling Kris, making her think that she missed out.

If so, they got Kourtney’s hairstylist in on it, and Kourt’s jewelry choices and more have been sending that same "marriage" signal nonstop.