Varya Malina and Geoffrey Paschel: Oh No, Are They Still Together?

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Most of us had one thing on our minds on Election Day. For many, that's still the case.

But 90 Day Fiance alum Varya Malina was thinking about a different horrible man who belongs in prison: Geoffrey Paschel.

Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina Throwback

On Tuesday, Varya took to Instagram to share a throwback to her time in Tennessee with her notorious criminal ex.

Clearly waxing nostalgic about a very specific anniversary, she shared more than just a selfie.

But her gushing caption and photo has fans worried: is she still with that awful Geoffrey?

Geoffrey and Varya

"November the 3rd," Varya's caption begins.

"It’s been a year since I popped up on his doorstep," she noted, "and faced my rival."

We all watched as she showed up unannounced while Geoffrey was with Mary, his friend ... whom he then dropped to go back with Varya.

90 day fiance before: geoffrey scolds varya

"Thanks to my determination and audacity," Varya credited in her caption.

"The final result turned out to be just as my life had planned it to be," she continued vaguely.

Varya's mysterious and alarming caption concluded: "What memories..."

Geoffrey Paschel to the camera

Varya has been playing games with 90 Day Fiance fans for months, now.

Fans want to know if they're still together or if they are broken up.

Some have taken this vague post to mean either or.

Geoffrey Paschel mugshot

The questions that fans have aren't just idle curiosity.

Sure, the people who have only watched the show wonder what became of that awkward love triangle featuring a toxic man.

But fans who keep track of the stars behind the scenes know that this is much more serious than that.

Geoffrey Paschel, Varya Malina

Geoffrey has an extensive criminal record.

Perhaps that is why he makes his living as crime reenactor for true crime TV shows.

He has so much practice at the real thing.

Geoffrey Paschel speaks at home

But we don't care about the drug charges -- except for the part about allegedly using his own child as a drug mule. Seriously, who cares.

What fans are very concerned about is Geoffrey's history of being accused of inflicting brutal violence upon women.

Multiple ex-girlfriends, multiple ex-wives ... as was noted before his season even premiered, the world had yet to hear from an ex of his who didn't have a horror story.

geoffrey paschel flips out

His most recent arrest was in June of 2019, when his then-girlfriend returned to her home, where he was living, and was immediately attacked.

She described the harrowing assault, her face slammed into things until her blood was smeared in multiple rooms in her house.

Unable to call 9-1-1 for help, she worked up the courage to flee the house -- running to a neighbor's for sanctuary and to call the police.

geoffrey paschel has a face

Police arrived and, seeing the injured 9-1-1 caller and the obvious damage inside of her home, arrested Geoffrey.

He didn't let them take him in without a fight, as the police report describes him struggling despite multiple restraints and kicking out the police car's window.

The show of unhinged, directionless aggression perfectly matched the brutal assault that his girlfriend endured.

geoffrey paschel petition part 01 of 03

Fans successfully campaigned to have him fired from the show -- notably, he was not at the Tell All, even though TLC irresponsibly did not explain the reason to viewers.

Fans hope that he will go to trial soon. Notably, there is evidence of this brawl, including the ex-girlfriend's damaged phone and the blood evidence in her home.

Geoffrey's trial date keeps moving back due to COVID-19 and is currently scheduled for December. Fans hope that it won't be long until this evil beast is once again behind bars.

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