Seeking Sister Wife: Where is Christeline Petersen Right Now?

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Let's just say this right up front about Christeline Petersen:

She is not in the vicinity of Dimitri Snowden.

Based on the accusations Peterson has leveled against the Seeking Sister Wives star, this is almost all that matters, too.

According to the former reality star, Snowden assaulted her on multiple occasions and made both Christeline and her children fear for their lives.

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In the wake of these allegations, Peterson got the heck out of Dimitri and Ashley Snowden's household a few months ago, even taking out a restraining order against her estranged husband in the process.

As previously reported, other women who have also claimed to have been abused by the Snowdens subsequently set up a GoFundMe for Petersen.

“I’ve recently become acquainted with this beautiful soul and she could really use our help,” Ariadne Joseph, another ex-partner of Dimitri's writes in the campaign description, adding:

“Christeline Peterson and her two daughters are in dire need of clothing and other essentials and supplies as they have few possessions with them where they are at."

Christeline Petersen, 2 Kids

Just a few days ago, this GoFundMe page crossed the $10,000 goall Joseph and other had set up at the launch, as "ALL proceeds go to" Peterson, which Joseph also noted on the account.

This is great news, of course.

Some who have contributed to the cause, meanwhile, along with some who have simply followed Peterson's journey on Seeking Sister Wife, are curious.

They want to know exactly where Christeline is these days -- and, of course, if she's doing okay.

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The answer to both question is: We don't know.

Joseph, however, stated the goal of the campaign upon setting it up this summer, saying that Peterson hopes to soon return to her native country:

100% of the funds raised (minus Gofundme’s fee) will go towards getting Christeline back on her feet and stabilized here in the States until she can transition back home to South Africa.

Christeline Petersen Gets Married

Peterson, meanwhile, offered up her own update a few weeks ago.

"Words aren't enough to express my gratitude to each and everyone of you," she wrote in response to the support she's received.

"I know you want to know if we're ok and I appreciate you so much for that but there are simply things that I am not able to share at this time.

"I hope you understand."

Christeline Petersen on TLC

We most certainly do.

Peterson, after all, has been through absolute Hell.

The former Seeking Sister Wife spouse, who is in the process of getting a divorce from Dimitri, filed a police report against Snowden in January.

She said in this document that she was awoken one time by Snowden "slamming my head into the headboard of the bed and he was yelling at me."

She went on to claim Dimitri also shoved her head on the headboard several times, leaving marks and bruises.

Christeline Petersen

And that wasn't all, either.

Peterson claims Snowden "choked me during sex, even though I told him not to," adding:

"The more I struggled the more he enjoyed it..."

And in an interview of her own, Joseph -- who never married Snowden, but who lived with him and partner Ashley for a bit -- detailed the alleged ways that Dimitri abused and assaulted her as well.

Ashley and Dimtri Snowden Picture

How has this continued to happen? With a reality star who is employed by a popular cable network?

How has TLC not stepped in and, at minimum, fired the Snowdens?

Joseph has the answer, in response to someone asking on the GoFundMe page why executives won't just fly Peterson back to South Africa.

“TLC has done nothing! They haven’t even responded to what’s happened," she says.

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