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In a recent podcast interview, Ariadne Joseph delved deeply for the first time into her relationships with Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, the two main stars on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife.

And the picture Joseph has painted is one that makes us think two things;

ONE: Dimitri should be in jail.

TWO: TLC should simply be canceled as a network.

Seeking Sister Wife Stars

We’ll start with the troubling allegations of abuse.

Speaking to blogger John Yates on YouTube, Joseph outlined the unusual nature of her romance with Dimitri and Ashley.

The very first time she arrived at their house, Ari said she was greeted at the door by a naked Ashley, quickly learning that both she and Dimitri did not wear clothing while inside.

Joseph had to beg Snowden to at least put on boxers around her four-year old daughter.

Seeking Sister Wife Stars

She went on to allege that she had to sleep in the same bed as Dimitri and Ashley … wasn’t allowed to leave the house on her own… and lent the couple a great deal of money.

As for the more pointed and specific incidents of assault?

Joseph says Dimitri choked her at one point and pushed her down on a table that was filled with guns.

On another occasion, Ari relayed an incident in which she was woken up by Snowden — and raped.

"There was no way that I could get free because he had the back of my neck," she told Yates, elaborating as follows:

when you’re in a situation where you’re married, or with someone, and you both have had consensual sex, it’s hard to reconcile in your mind that this person has violated you, has taken something from you without permission.

So I knew that it was wrong, but I didn’t even know how I would go and report that as being, you know, the ‘r’ word.

Seeking Sister Wife Poster

"These people abused me and traumatized me and my children," Joseph told Yates, adding of Ashley and the couple in general:

"She is an abuser, too. She’s a manipulator. And as I’ve said, they’re never as happy as they are when they’re terrorizing someone.

"They gang up on you."

Joseph came out and said all of this just days after Dimitri’s wife, Christeline Petersen, made similar allegations.

Upon asking a judge for a restraining order, Peterson detailed all the ways Snowden abused and assaulted her, most notably going on record about how Dimtri allegedly acted in bed.

She said "he choked me during sex, even though I told him not to,’ adding:

"The more I struggled the more he enjoyed it."

Snowden has since filed to divorce Peterson.

According to Joseph, however, she took her concerns and her accusations to TLC executives after Seeking Sister Wife Season 1 concluded.

The network supposedly responded by ignoring everything Ari said and simply resumed filming the show, chronicling Dimitri and Ashley’s journey to find another partner.

"Those a**holes…Chrissy and her children didn’t have to go through that, they didn’t have to experience that," Joseph told Yates of Peterson and other women Dimitri allegedly treated this way.

"Had TLC took those people off the air and allowed them to be exposed the way they should have been, because when I came out and I released all that information — and I had text messages and pictures — they scrubbed the internet of it."

Dimitri Snowden and Family

Continued Joseph, trashing the heck out of the cable network:

"Some of the groups, the TLC groups, took all of the information out. So, they did nothing.

"They allowed this piece of s**t to be on this damn show, and they continue to abuse, and misuse, and traumatize women."

Of late, TLC has also come under fire for a very lame statement it made in the wake of Josh Duggar getting arrested on child pornography charges.

The network has not yet canceled Counting On, as it continues to bankroll what amounts to a cult.

"There’s a lot more to these situations, and I believe that it’s going to become public," Joseph added to Yates.

"The world’s going to find out the truth. All of the truth — ALL OF IT. It’s time. It’s time. Somebody has to stop this."

Concluded Ari on this topic:

I was begging TLC, just hoping that they would stop, they would take them off the air at least so that they won’t have public attention.

Because then other women will see this and fall in love with this image they’re creating online or on TV and want to be a part of this family…

Not even knowing that they’re putting themselves in a situation where they’re going to be abused.

They’re going to be victimized. Their children are going to be traumatized.

Poor Chrissy’s little girls were traumatized in that house. Her babies didn’t deserve that.