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Ryan Edwards has long been one of the most unpopular baby daddies in the Teen Mom franchise.

Both Adam Lind and David Eason are almost certainly worse parents, but Ryan combines the worst parts of both of their approaches.

He’s as fond of substance abuse and emotional outbursts as David, and now, some fans think he’s as negligent in his parenting as Lind was.

Along with his wife and parents, Edwards was fired from Teen Mom 2 at Maci Bookout’s behest back in March.

Ryan Edwards, On the Mend?

And since Ryan doesn’t use social media, it’s been difficult to keep tabs on him these days.

Fortunately, his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, does post pics.

Of course, she attempts to offer a sanitized version of her life with Ryan, but even with Mackenzie controlling the flow of information, fans still get the sense that all is not well in the Edwards’ world.

Ryan and Mackenzie in 2021

The latest source of controversy stems from a family photo that Mackenzie posted earlier this week.

At first glance, there’s nothing all that unusual about.

Mack, Ryan, and their kids are sitting on a beach at sunset trying to project an aura of family happiness.

Mackenzie With Kids, Ryan With Dog

Standifer captioned the pic "beautiful crazy," which is probably a very apt way of describing life with Ryan.

But once when you give the photo more than a cursory glance, you realize that there’s something strange about the way that everyone is posed:

It’s Mackenzie and all the kids on one side of the frame, and Ryan and the family dog on the other

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards Together

Commenters were quick to take notice of the odd composition, and they eagerly shared their thoughts with Mackenzie:

"What’s weird to me is he’s never holding any of his kids, always that dog," one person wrote.

"Why is he never holding his kids?" a second asked.

"Ryan got a dog. Mac has her children," a third chimed in.

"Ryan and his dog, but not his own son," a fourth person observed.

Perhaps that was the comment that caused Mackenzie to lose it.

Ryan Edwards With His Family

Lately, she’s been taking the criticism in stride and declining the opportunity to clap back.

This time, however, she simply couldn’t resist giving the haters a piece of her mind:

"So I can’t post a family picture because other people don’t like my family? Gtfo. I love this picture," Mackenzie wrote.

Mackenzie Standifer Edwards and Ryan Edwards

"I love what it represents. I love my husband and I love our children and S–T FIRE I LOVE THE DAMN DOG TOO!" she continued.

"I didn’t post politics or anything controversial. It’s my family. And if you don’t like my family then don’t even worry about looking at my page."

From there, Mackenzie offered a relatable complaint about the perils of social media:

"I’m tired of not posting things bc I am worried about what people are going to say," the young mom added, as she only rarely posts on social media," she wrote.

"For once in a VERY long time I’m happy and I finally feel like my damn self. Not worried about trying to not step on toes or say the wrong thing.

"Let me say it again for the people in the back. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE ME OR MY HUSBAND OR MY DAMN DOG THEN GTFO MY PAGE."

Mackenzie Edwards on her Instagram Page

Mackenzie concluded with an all-caps farewell to the haters who lurk in her comments:


Mackenzie informed her fans that she’s happy these days, and we sincerely hope that’s true.

But her defensiveness over the way she posed for a family photo might not be a good sign.