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The Duggars have been in damage control mode ever since Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges back in April.

In the months since, the scandal has led just everyone in the family to make drastic lifestyle changes.

The Duggars once tried to draw as much attention to themselves as possible, but these days they’re keeping a much, much lower profile — for obvious reasons.

That means that the family’s few remaining fans are unable to receive updates on a development that they’ve been anticipating for a decade.

Jana and Stephen

We’re talking, of course, about the courtship between Jana Duggar and Stephen Wissmann.

At this point, there’s little doubt that after all her years as "the Cinderella Duggar" Jana has found Mr. Right and is preparing to leave the nest.

But because of her family’s new policy regarding the media, Jana hasn’t been able to share her love with the world.

Jana Duggar on a Couch

She’s one of the few Duggars who actually has a fan base to speak of, and some of her social media followers appear to be resentful of her sudden concern for privacy.

Not only is Jana keeping silent on the subject of her relationship, she hasn’t been posting much at all lately.

The 31-year-old’s most recent Instagram post is from June 19, meaning it’s been almost four weeks since she shared anything with her 764,000 followers.

Jana Duggar with Flowers

Jana has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the most sane and stable Duggars.

So the fact that she’s suddenly gone silent in accordance with her father’s wishes has taken many fans by surprise.

And since this might be the most eventful time in Jana’s young life, the timing of the new policy couldn’t be worse.

Jana Duggar at Magnolia In Waco

Now that TLC has canceled Counting On, Instagram is the only way for fans to stay up to date on Jana’s life.

There was a time when it seemed that she took great pleasure in sharing certain aspects of her daily routine, but clearly that’s not longer the case.

So what has the eldest Duggar daughter been up to in the past few weeks?

Well, we know that Jana was in Nebraska (photo above) visiting the Wissmanns for the Fourth of July.

The Stephen’s Omaha-based family is a musical bunch, and they perform on stage as the Wissmann Family Band.

Jana and Stephen made a trip to Seward, Nebraska — the state’s official Fourth of July capital! — for the long holiday weekend.

Stephen Wissman Image

It’s unclear if the Wissmanns took the stage for the occasion, but it seems that Jana and Stephen didn’t make any effort to hide their relationship.

These days, the Wissman and Duggar clans are intertwined in a number of significant ways.

In addition to Jana and Stephen’s relationship, there have been reports that Jeremiah Duggar is courting Hannah Wissmann, who is one of Stephen’s sisters.

Jana Duggar Spills the Tea

Needless to say, there’s a lot going on in the lives of the Jim Bob and Michelle’s adult children.

But as with so many other aspects of their lives, the events of the year have been largely ruined by Josh’s monstrous behavior.

Hopefully, the judge in his case will throw the book at Josh, so that his siblings won’t have to deal with him anymore.