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It has been rumored for months that Jana Duggar may be courting Stephen Wissmann.

But though fans noticed that she has been spending time with his family, she hasn’t come out and revealed it.

In fact, the Wissman family seems to be totally hiding Jana from the world.

Why all the secrecy? Why try to hide what so many people are already talking about?

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Fans have spotted clue after clue about Jana Duggar and Stephen Wissmann.

It’s been going on for months, since late last year.

There are so many hints that, at this point, it feels like the two are building up hype for a courtship reveal.

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Curiousity about Jana’s love life is nothing new.

She is 31 years old. In normal society, she would be dating and possibly even married.

In the Duggar world, she "should" be a decade into a marriage with half a dozen kids, at the very least.

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Instead, she is still living at home — in accordance with Jim Bob’s rules against adult independence.

Despite never having had sex, let alone had children, Jana spends much of her time providing free childcare.

This is because, in the eyes of Jim Bob, their church, and their cult, Jana must serve her father’s household until she is married.

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Over the years, Jana has been linked with a number of eligible men.

By "eligible" we mean deeply conservative men close to her own age.

These are the sorts of men of whom Jim Bob might approve — an absolute must according to their extreme beliefs.

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But Jana isn’t allowed to actually date, to know someone authentically, before marrying.

That, among other factors, may be why she has never married despite what must be enormous social and family pressure.

Instead, she spends much of her time gardening and providing childcare to her youngest siblings.

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Several months ago, Jana and Stephen were first linked by photos.

The Wissmann family shared a Christmas post, and fans immediately noticed that Jana had been there.

Celebrating Christmas with another family is a big deal for many families … but like everything else, the Duggars take this to new extremes.

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The Duggars take Christmas very seriously.

With that in mind, fans believe that it would take a lot for Jim Bob and Michelle to give Jana permission to spend the holiday with another family.

To let her travel out of state … could it be anything other than a courtship?

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Stephen Wissmann is a pilot and a small business owner.

The Wissmans are a large family of Christian fundamentalists who are based in Nebraska.

It appears that the Wissmanns and the Duggars are in many ways compatible.

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Stephen and his family attended Justin Duggar’s wedding.

They also attended Jed Duggar’s wedding.

Together, the Wissmann and Duggar families visited Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.

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Jana and Stephen have also appeared together in multiple photos, but never by themselves.

For normal people, this would be a sign that perhaps they’re not dating.

But in the toxic purity culture of the Duggar world, two people who are courting are never allowed to be alone.

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Jana has not confirmed the courtship, and neither have her parents.

Though Stephen had the opportunity to deny it, he did not — but did not confirm it, either.

Instead, he has simply claimed that he is focused upon work at the moment without any concrete answers about Jana.

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Instead, Jana has been conspicuously less active than usual on social media.

Unlike most of her unmarried siblings, she is permitted to have an use Instagram without also having a spouse.

But she is not using this tool to confirm (or deny) any courtship. Why?

Jana Duggar on TLC's Counting On

Fans speculate that the explanation is simple: scandal and shame.

While there are countless shameful things about the Duggar family, most of their public scandals involve Josh Duggar.

The disgraced former reality star was arrested in late April on heinous charges.

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Josh is accused of downloading and possessing photos and video depicting the sexual abuse of young girls.

It is horrific enough that these girls’ lives were ruined in childhood.

It only adds insult to injury that their abuse is passed around by scumbags.

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Josh could face decades in prison if convicted.

In the meantime, he is out on bond but under strict conditions.

Under home confinement with a family friend, he is banned from accessing the internet or contact with children.

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Fans believe that this nightmarish mess is what is keeping Jana from going public.

Sure, the Duggars would love a distraction right now from Josh’s scandal.

But they have to know that any announcement would be in the shadow of Josh’s lenghty history of wrongdoing.

Jana Duggar Courting?

Of course, we also have to consider the explanation that Jana has just been "visiting" the Wissmann family.

That seems less probable without a courtship, but it could conceivably be the case.

Perhaps, at Jana’s big age, she wants to skip a courtship announcement and announce an engagement … if that happens.