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There was a time when the Duggars couldn’t wait to share new courtship news with their fans.

They believe that we’re put on earth to procreate as much as possible, and they think all premarital sex is sinful, so in the Duggars’ eyes courting is literally the only way too fulfill one’s purpose in life.

Get courting and then get after it, early and often. It’s really not all that complicated.

Josh Duggar Looks Happy
Photo via Instagram/abc

But in the wake of Josh Duggar’s arrest on child pornography charges, the family’s attitude has shifted somewhat.

Not in the sense of the overall goal, which remains the same. Court and make kids. But these days it’s … quieter.

Hell, we didn’t learn about Josiah Duggar and Katey Nakatsu’s relationship until after the couple was married!

Jed and Katey's Honeymoon
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That was by design, of course.

The Duggars seem to think publicly celebrating new relationships would be in poor taste lately, for various reasons.

And that’s a shame, in a sense, because dang, there’s been a flurry of Duggar dating activitty in recent months.

Jana With Jessa

Back in March, we learned that Jana Duggar is being courted by Stephen Wissmann, a Nebraska-based pilot who also comes from a large, evangelical family.

All potential suitors must receive Jim Bob’s seal of approval before they’re permitted to date his daughters.

And in the case Stephen, it seems that the entire Wissmann clan made quite an impression on the Duggar patriarch.

Jeremiah Duggar, Hannah Wissman split

Not long after word got out about Jana and Stephen, fans began to speculate that Jeremiah Duggar is courting Hannah Wissmann.

Yes, that would be one of Stephen’s many sisters.

The Duggars have neither confirmed nor denied this news, but that’s no great surprise.

Photo via Instagram

After all, these days, they only announce courtship news after the engagement or wedding has taken place.

Of course, it’s possible that the Duggars could host a wedding and decide to keep that under wraps, as well.

And fans believe that that’s exactly what’s happening – or happened – in the case of Jeremiah and Hannah.

Photo via Instagram

The speculation began when fans noticed a new Instagram account with the handle @hannahduggar.

That account recently popped up on the social media site. Currently, there’s nothing posted on the page.

That may soon change.

Jeremiah Duggar on Counting On

Young folk in the Duggars’ and Wissmanns’ religious community are usually forbidden to join social media platforms until marriage.

Is this a sign that we’re at that point?

The mysterious account has some fans jumping to the conclusion that Jeremiah and Hannah have secretly tied the knot.

Photo via Instagram

“Maybe I’m easily persuaded, but this pushed me from being unsure if Hannah/Jer was legit to being convinced,” one fan wrote.

So is this the couple’s ultra-low-key way of announcing that they’ve gotten hitched?

Well, not necessarily.

Jeremiah Duggar in the Cold
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For starters, Hannah already has an Instagram account under her maiden name.

Clearly the Wissmanns don’t share the Duggars’ weird fear of social media.

On top of that, she hasn’t actually posted anything on her new page so far (assuming the account is actually hers).

Jana Duggar at Magnolia In Waco
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Additionally, even though fans just noticed the new account this week, it appears that it’s not actually new.

“This account was created in January, possibly when they started courting,” one Reddit user suggested.

“Definitely a late summer wedding for Jer and Hannah.”

Jana Duggar with Flowers
Photo via Instagram

So it looks as though Hannah’s new Instagram account is just a placeholder, at least for the time being.

Assuming it’s hers. Remember, any card carrying member of Duggar Nation could’ve made that just for fun.

See the Jana Wissmann account.

Photo via Instagram

Just the same, it may still be a sign that wedding bells are in the near future.

For one, or possibly even two Wissmanns and Duggars.