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Three months ago, Jana Kramer filed to divorce Mike Caussin after nearly six years of marriage.

No one who has followed the troubled couple’s story was surprised to hear that he was accused of adultery.

Divorce processes can be long and drawn out, especially when there are children and custody to consider.

But not this time. Jana and Mike’s divorce has been finalized.

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HollywoodLife got their hands on docurt documents for Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin’s divorce.

Though it was clearly "over" months ago, they now have the documentation to prove it.

Per the agreement, custody of their two children will be shared between the parents.

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Jana and Mike abolished their legal marriage at the Williamson County Chancery Court in Franklin, Tennessee.

This is official as of Thursday, July 22.

The grounds for the divorce were irreconcilable differences, though Jana also cited "adultery" in her filing.

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Jolie Rae is five years old. Jace Joseph is two years old.

The chiildren are primarily living with their mother, and that will remain the case.

240 days a year, they will remain with Jana. 125 days, they will be with Mike. (That leaves one extra day, but okay)

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Divorce can be expensive, and there’s more to it than just legal fees.

Jana will be paying her ex-husband $3,200 a month in child support.

If that amount for someone who only has the kids one-third of the time sounds odd … Jana makes a lot of money.

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Within the court documents, Jana and Mike agreed to do what is best for their kids.

This means "behaving" both around and with respect to each other.

The goal is "to provide a loving, stable, consistent, and nurturing relationship" with their children, despite the divorce.

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Part of their agreement includes a vow to not speak ill of one another or each other’s family.

(It sounds like this includes public comments, not just while speaking to their own children)

They are both agreeing to encourage their children to love and maintain a healthy relationship with their entire family, on both sides.

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Jana and Mike were married in 2015.

However, Jana filed for divorce in 2016, but ultimately did not go through with it.

Instead, they reconciled after his cheating and his diagnosis with alleged "sex addiction."

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"Sex addiction" may not be recognized by the broader psychiatric community, but the supposed condition became almost synonymous with their marriage.

In podcasts, interviews, television appearances, even books — Jana and Mike discussed their marriage journey.

That journey has come to an end, but it’s hard to forget the pattern that their marriage took.

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Mike might receive or view a photo, arrange to meet a woman but not go through with it, etc.

Each time, Jana would post dramatically about it on social media, revealing bits and pieces before finally sharing the whole story.

If you’re being cheated on (in any form, even if your spouse isn’t following through), you might as well monetize it, right?

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That has seemed to be Jana’s philosophy, leading to some tongue-in-cheek questions about what she will do now.

Obviously, the former The CW actress and country singer has many opportunities ahead of her.

Right now, it’s likely that she’s just focusing on adjusting to her family’s new normal, and helping her children to adjust.