Anna Duggar Pregnancy: Will the Duggars Ever Acknowledge Josh's Seventh Child?

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Josh Duggar is still awaiting his trial, and reportedly Anna Duggar still thinks he's being framed.

She is also very pregnant, with her due date coming up this autumn, which is only a couple of months away.

Things are worse than they have ever been between Anna and her in-laws.

Between the blame game and the cold shoulder ... how are Jim Bob and Michelle going to react when this baby comes?

Anna and Josh Duggar And Baby

For years, Anna and Josh have been inching their way back into the spotlight.

Prior to Counting On's overdue cancelation, Anna made appearances on the show ... one just a month before Josh's arrest.

Following that arrest, however, Anna has gone to ground on social media.

Anna Duggar on Counting On in 2021

Anna has not been posting on Instagram, adding Stories, or otherwise sharing with fans and followers.

This has gone on for months following Josh's arrest.

He was charged with downloading photos and video of the sexual abuse of extremely young girls.

Anna Duggar Goes QAnon Crazy

Not all of the Duggars are active on social media, and "active" is relative -- meaning different things for different family members.

But this is unusual for Anna, though not surprising.

It is difficult to imagine that she wants to hear what anyone has to say right now unless they're willing to humor her.

Anna and Josh Selfie

And by humor her ... reports say that those closest to the Duggars have heard that Anna's mind is in a weird place.

She has allegedly blamed Jim Bob and Michelle for Josh's arrest.

While there's no question that they and their cult created the perfect environment for a budding sexual predator to grow up in, that's not what she means.

Anna and Josh Duggar Pic

Even more alarming is Anna's apparent fixation on the idea that Josh is innocent.

Obviously, the prosecution will have to prove their case in court, despite Josh's history of actual, physical child-molestation.

But it sounds like, from reports, Anna believes that he is being persecuted or even framed. That seems a little nuts.

Anna Duggar and Joshua Duggar

Anna's feud with her in-laws (seemingly with all of Josh's relatives) raises some questions.

She's reportedly not welcome at the Duggar house even though she still lives in a lovely ... warehouse. 

The Duggars are usually all about announcing weddings and their endless childbirths. Usually.

Josh Duggar Behind Bars

This time could be different, as social media users fascinated by the Duggar family and their cult now speculate.

Without a reality series to promote, amidst a feud and an upcoming trial ... what will Jim Bob and Michelle do?

“I sort of think it would be in their best interest at this point to just pretend that Josh and his whole family don’t exist,” one redditor suggested.

Anna and Mackynzie Duggar

“I’m thinking maybe they’ll announce ‘our newest grandchild’ on the Duggar [family] Instagram account," another wrote.

The comment continued: "with no mention of Josh or Anna and the comments turned off."

The user then added: "Or make it a story post.

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar Throwback

But not everyone in the conversation had the same prediction.

“They’ll frame the birth as a blessing in a season of struggle saying how it deepens their faith,” a commenter quipped.

Only time will tell, and a lot could change between now and then. But will Anna and her in-laws mend fences or feud even harder?

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