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Do not let her recent frustrations fool you.

Yes, Amy Roloff has come across as a bit annoyed on the past few episodes of Little People, Big World.

Yes, she and fiance Chris Marek have argued over a couple wedding details.

But what impending bride and groom have not? Who has ever executed a perfect, stress-free plan when it comes to his or her nuptials?

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek in a Meadow

Still. Just in case there was any doubt, Roloff is now here to set her romantic record straight.

One month away from exchanging vows with Marek, the mother of four has shared the photo above — and included with it the caption below.

The BIG day is almost here. 28 days I’ll marry my love, my friend, my partner. The one I’ll start and end my day with. Hold hands, kiss and hug.

The one I get to have coffee with, talk to and have those conversations that are easy and hard, take rides and travel with, share faith, hopes and dreams with and live life together.

Little People, Big World Cheers

In 28 days I’m blessed to get to say I Do.

I love you Chris Marek.

It sure sounds like someone is excited, doesn’t it?

Photo via TLC

Earlier this season on Little People, Big World, Amy expressed hesitance over getting married on her ex-husband’s wife.

Sort of a weird way to kick off your new life with a new man, right?

But Roloff did eventually agree to the location, which Matt Roloff was only too happy to offer up.

Just a couple Tuesday nights ago, meanwhile, Amy and Chris clashed over prospective gifts for their guests. with Amy wanting to give away hand-painted rocks.

Photo via TLC

It really wasn’t that huge of a deal, and yet some viewers labeled Roloff a bridezilla for the way she was acting toward Marek.

Some even wondered whether Amy was having second thoughts about tying the knot, which is too ridiculous of a notion to even entertain.

It’s important to remember that these episodes were filmed months ago and any issues between Roloff and Marek were settled quite a long time ago.

Looking ahead to next week, TLC has provided a few screen captures from the upcoming installment, which will focus on Amy shopping for wedding dresses… and looking gorgeous in the process.

Amy Roloff Wedding Gown Photo

“I’m excited, I’m so surprised, I’m thrilled!” Amy told after getting engaged in September 2019.

She added at the time:

“I never in a million years thought I’d be getting married again, but I also hoped for it! Now that it’s happening, I couldn’t be happier or more excited.”

Added Marek: “I was very nervous! It had to be a heart shaped diamond because I knew that’s what Amy wanted.”

Photo via TLC

Chris and Amy’s courtship was covered on recent seasons of Little People, Big World, where the two met at a pool party, had a first date on the back of Chris’ motorcycle, and soon fell in love

"I think after divorce, I always hoped that maybe I’d have that second opportunity to not only be in love but also marry again," said Amy to TLC around this same time.

"Believe it or not I would probably be more lowkey," she added about her big day.

"It’s more about having the people be there you want to be there, to celebrate with you, to witness what the two of us are doing together."