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The words "chicken tendies" have never sounded so ominous!

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest Jersey Shore drama, you know that Angelina Pivarnick is in deep doo-doo because of a neighbor who alleges that she’s been tossing her McNuggets all over the cul de sac.

(Actually, the Shore cast has obviously made a product placement deal with Burger King, so they’re probably not allowed to litter the their neighborhoods with Mickey D’s.)

The offended neighbor wound up taking revenge by shooting some incriminating footage of Angeliners, and now Shore viewers have one question:

Angelina's Blackmail Tape

What exactly is on that video?

No doubt many fans expected that Pivarnick had been caught in an intimate moment with her alleged side-piece.

Instead — in true Angelina fashion — she was caught screaming at the guy and threatening to key his car.

Photo via MTV

Details of the controversial footage were finally revealed on Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore, when Mike and Ronnie did a horrendous job of pulling Angelina aside on the down-low.

Though JWoww was the first to receive the footage, the task of making Angelina aware of it fell to Mike and Ron.

As for why they couldn’t have simply texted it to her — well, that just wouldn’t make for very compelling television, would it?

Photo via Instagram

"This type of behavior is not the best you," Mike admonished Angelina before showing her the footage on his phone.

"I’m just saying. It happens, you’re not perfect, I’m not perfect."

When the video plays, we hear the familiar sound of Angelina absolutely going off on some dude.

Photo via Instagram

She dismisses some of the allegations against her — including the fact that she threatened to key the guy’s car — even though it’s all captured on tape.

"Of course I’m like screaming, yelling somewhere, I’m Angelina, that’s how I am," she said.

"I remember that. I don’t need to say why that all happened, but all I know is it’s a lot, there’s a lot more than that f—ing video shows."

Photo via Instagram

Pivarnick also claimed that the guy was just a casual acquaintance, and insisted that she was "going to my friend’s house, that Chris also knows" in the footage. 

Then, in a twist that absolutely no one saw coming (though perhaps we should’ve), Angelina turned the tables and goes on the offensive against Jenni.

"Why even send videos like this? It’s ridiculous. What is she gaining out of this?" Pivarnick asked Mike and Ronnie.

Photo via MTV

Now, the Angelina-JWoww feud fueled much of last season’s drama, but the castmates buried the hatchet long ago.

But old habits die hard, and it seems that attacking Jenni is still Angelina’s number one strategy when she gets backed into a corner.

Returning to the world’s tiniest bowling alley after confronting Pivarnick, Mike informed the newly-engaged JWoww that she’s once again become the target of Angelina’s wrath.

Photo via MTV

She seemed confused, but unafraid, and it looks like these two will be spending the rest of the season unburying the hatchet.

As for the rumors that Angelina and Chris are divorced IRL, well they’re sure to start flying again in the wake of last night’s episode.

And we’re sure Ange will figure out some way to blame JWoww if and when her marriage fails.