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So much went down on this week’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? that fans are still processing it all.

But even with Angela dumping Michael and Mike being exposed as worse than anyone realized, nobody missed what Ronald said.

Excited to see Tiffany, Daniel, and Carley, Ronald said that he would "force" them to stay in South Africa.

Fans were alarmed. Are he and Tiffany even still together after all of that?

Ronald Smith kisses Tiffany Franco in South Africa

For the first time in ten months, Ronald Smith was reunited with his family.

Tiffany was excited to come to South Africa and see her husband.

Naturally she brought her children, Daniel and Carley, to see their dad.

Tiffany Franco is so excited to see Ronald again

Tiffany opted to purchase open-ended tickets for her return trip.

This means that she could leave and return to the US in a couple of weeks or a couple of months.

After all, they love Ronald, but South Africa is not their home — and it never will be.

Tiffany Franco with Daniel - where's dad? where's dad?

Tiffany is afraid that South Africa could once again go into lockdown and close its borders — this time, while shes’ there.

But it’s worth seeing Ronald, for herself, for her kids, and to see how he’s doing.

Ronald, however, has different ideas.

Ronald Smith - I'm gonna build him his own room, his own space

He has built a bedroom for Daniel, to make him feel welcome — more than he would feel sleeping on the couch.

But Ronald’s motives go beyond that.

He does not want them to go back in just a few weeks, despite Tiffany’s intentions.

Ronald Smith hears - maybe a few days, or a month, or a half month?

He tells his friend that he is willing to "force" Tiffany to stay in South Africa.

His plan is that Tiffany will only leave when her visa expires.

The visa will last three months — and twice that long, he says, if he files to extend it.

Ronald Smith - and I fly back with them

Ronald knows that Tiffany intends to stay a few weeks.

But he doesn’t want to see them fly out of the country again unless he’s flying with them.

The only exception is if the South African government forces them to leave as their visa ends.

Tiffany Franco Valentine's Day 2021 Tribute to Ronald Smith

After that mess, is there any hope for their future?

The previews for next week show Ronald displaying some disgusting misogyny.

And as we all know, this was filmed late last year — many months ago.

Tiffany Franco Smith and Ronald Smith in Montecasino
Photo via Instagram

We all have more recent news.

Not even a month ago, Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith broke up.

It was extremely messy.

Ronald Smith, Daniel, Carley, and Tiffany Franco
Photo via Instagram

Tiffany blocked Ronald on absolutely everything.

That did not stop the two of them from airing their grievances and taking shots at each other.

The exes did so in some very public comments on the Instagram of 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates.

Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco Smith
Photo via Instagram

Curiously, just about a week ago, Tiffany was singing a very different tune.

On Instagram Live, Tiffany confirmed that she and Ronald are still together.

She also quashed pregnancy rumors that had been flying around.

Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco Smith in Montecasino
Photo via Instagram

Tiffany’s latest update had nothing to do with Ronald.

She expressed that she was nervous while en route to undergo some form of surgery.

Fans can only guess as to what, with some wondering if she is undergoing a body transformation like other castmembers.