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On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?Angela and Michael reached a breaking point.

Angela screamed obscenities at her husband, blaming him for all of her problems.

The verbal abuse was nothing new, sadly. What was new was Angela declaring that the relationship was over.

Season 6 was filmed months and months ago. Did Angela and Michael go through with their divorce?

Angela Deem blends a disgusting smoothie

Angela Deem started off the fiery episode on a calm note.

She entertained her grandchildren by making a disgusting but healthy smoothie.

Though she made a major production out of eating healthy and turning down soda, Angela’s not being totally consistent with this.

Angela Deem blames her husband; is smoking a pack a day

Namely, one episode later and she is already back to smoking — an entire pack a day.

Angela claimed that the hypnosis worked … but blames her smoking on Michael.

Whether he was "stressing her out" or not, smoking is Angela’s own decision — one that she has made every day for four decades.

Angela Deem wants to cyberstalk her husband, is dicknosing

Dicknosing as usual, Angela decided that she wanted to escalate her abuse of Michael with some cybercrimes.

The tech guy very responsibly informed her that, no, he will not help her cyberstalk her husband.

Instead of crimes, he showed her how Michael could willingly show her his location information during conversations.

Tech Guy Says

Angela called Michael to reasonably ask her husband if he was willing to reassure her of his fidelity by sharing his location.

We are joking, of course.

As she is want to do, Angela began to yell and scream obscenities at Michael … right there in this poor man’s office.

Angela Deem screams obscenities at her husband over the phone

Of course, the tech guy had to endure this awkward moment for only a matter of minutes.

Memorable minutes or not, he is not legally or socially attached to Angela.

As she berated her husband over the phone, one has to remember that poor Michael is married to her.

Tech Guy - It Was Uncomfortable

Angela’s verbal assault continued later, and she vocally refused to allow Michael to speak for himself.

According to her, Michael’s lack of emotional support as she recovered from surgery was mistreatment.

In addition to blaming him for her decision to smoke, she had much more to say.

Michael Ilesanmi to Angela Deem - I didn't mistreat you

Angela blasted Michael for his qualities as a husband and as a human being.

She even went so far as to insult his penis.

That was not the end of it, either, because she felt that the marriage had reached a breaking point.

Angela Deem berates and insults Michael

Angela declared that Michael had put her "through pure hell."

It was time, she decided, to break things off — and end their marriage.

The promo for next week’s episode (Season 6, Episode 10) even showed her going to a divorce attorney.

Angela Deem says that she's done; marriage brought her only grief

So fans want to know if Angela and Michael are still married, all of these months later.

Some are inexplicably rooting for the couple, or wanted it to end on different terms.

Others are just relieved at the idea of Michael escaping, and hope that nobody changed their minds.

Angela Deem complains that Michael has not been supportive

However, just a few months ago, Angela was making the rounds and doing interviews.

Though she spoke of difficult times with Michael after her surgery, Angela spoke of their marriage in the present tense.

She also spoke about her hopes for the future of their marriage.

Obviously, Angela could have been lying … though she appears to be a very unconvincing liar on screen.

So yes, even though she didn’t broadcast any of her usual tells (different tone of voice, excessively nodding her head), it could have been a clever ruse.

But does Angela even have that much of a filter? Fans think that it’s unlikely that she’s capable of that level of deception.