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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 continued with Episode 9.

Angela is blaming Michael for all of her problems, and she intends to do something about it — even if it’s illegal.

Libby and Andrei pick up her family to start their road trip, but the problems begin immediately and only get worse.

Jovi has left for work, leaving Yara in Louisiana with the baby … just in time for her very first hurricane.

Kalani and Jovi had a (mostly) good night, but Kalani has something to confess to Asuelu.

Mike and Natalie have a new member of the household, but an attempt to discuss the visit with Trish leads to an explosive argument.

Unfortunately, even that mess was overshadowed by what appears to be a disgusting hate symbol on display in Mike’s house.

Tiffany takes Daniel and Carley for a reunion with Ronald in South Africa, but Ronald has his own ideas about how long the visit will last.