90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Angela Deem Wants to DIVORCE Michael Ilesanmi

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 continued with Episode 9.

Angela is blaming Michael for all of her problems, and she intends to do something about it -- even if it's illegal.

Libby and Andrei pick up her family to start their road trip, but the problems begin immediately and only get worse.

Jovi has left for work, leaving Yara in Louisiana with the baby ... just in time for her very first hurricane.

Kalani and Jovi had a (mostly) good night, but Kalani has something to confess to Asuelu.

Mike and Natalie have a new member of the household, but an attempt to discuss the visit with Trish leads to an explosive argument.

Unfortunately, even that mess was overshadowed by what appears to be a disgusting hate symbol on display in Mike's house.

Tiffany takes Daniel and Carley for a reunion with Ronald in South Africa, but Ronald has his own ideas about how long the visit will last.

1. Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela claims to be committed to changing her habits and lifestyle as part of her total body transformation. She has given up soda and makes a smoothie out of leafy greens as evidence. Next week, things will get worse.

2. But she is back to smoking a pack a day

But she is back to smoking a pack a day
Remember when Angela smoked her "last" cigarette? It didn't last. Weird that she can change what she eats and drinks, which only impact her, but keeps smoking, which impacts everyone around her. Angela doesn't take responsibility for her choice to continue smoking, however -- she blames it on Michael. Wow. The guy must be powerful if he can somehow force her to smoke a pack a day from Nigeria.

3. Angela wants to create more problems

Angela wants to create more problems
She says that Michael being unsupportive makes her believe that he is also cheating on her, so she goes to a tech store in the hopes of, well, cyberstalking her husband. Seriously, like many other abusers, she wants to track Michael's location at all times.

4. No, he will not help Angela do crimes

No, he will not help Angela do crimes
Countless abusive partners and parents alike want to track their victims' whereabouts at all times. The man whom Angela goes to see tells her that he cannot help her "hack" Michael's phone, but shows her how he can send her his location when they communicate ... but it will have to be his choice. Obviously, Angela does not like hearing this. She "offers" to pay the man double to hack Michael's phone, but that's just reality TV shenanigans and a lack of impulse control.

5. Angela calls Michael

Angela calls Michael
She immediately, immediately begins yelling and screaming at him, letting obscenities fly at the man she claims to love.

6. Please make it stop

Please make it stop
Viewers are grimly accustomed to hearing how Angela treats Michael -- speaking to him in ways that most of us wouldn't speak to the people we hate most in the world. For strangers, it's a new and upsetting thing to witness. Verbal and emotional abuse have no place in any marriage.

7. Later, they fight again

Later, they fight again
Angela accuses Michael of "mistreating" her by not being as attentive as she wanted during her recovery from surgery. Michael fires back, and Angela repeatedly demands that he "shut up" -- those are the actual words that she uses when speaking to him, among numerous expletives -- so that she can chew him out.

8. She then berates and demeans him

She then berates and demeans him
All while yelling, of course, Angela insults everything about Michael, from his qualities as a husband to his penis. No human being should ever speak like this to anyone under any circumstances.

9. She's done!

She's done!
Angela has decided that the marriage is over -- and, next week, we'll see her speaking to a divorce attorney.

10. Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet
Andrrrrrei has picked up the RV that Chuck has rented, and will be the one driving the whole family -- as he is apparently the only one with the license to drive the vehicular behemoth.

11. Charming, as always

Charming, as always
After a lot of packing and some weird bickering during it, they head to pick up the rest of the Potthast clan, but there are already problems as everything in the fridge spills out. This is just a taste of what's to come.

12. Whoops

Andrei backs into some yard signs, casting immediate doubts on his ability to drive. Grudgingly, everyone piles aboard the RV.

13. Andrei tries to neg Libby

Andrei tries to neg Libby
He teases her by saying that he 'learned" that Elizabeth could "count to 10" after she listed off the number of passengers. Elizabeth countered that there were 11 people. Oof.

14. There were problems immediately

There were problems immediately
Becky had to explain to Andrei that they needed to be able to store the luggage below -- where Andrei had already stored some things -- or there wouldn't be room for the rest of them. Later, as Andrei spoke with Chuck about his work aspirations, Becky also called him out for trying to manipulate her dad.

15. Andrei stopped the bus

Andrei stopped the bus
He got out and demanded that Becky get out to talk with him. Eventually, she agreed to it.

16. Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya
Jovi has headed off to work and will be gone for weeks. With a hurricane inbound, Yara is staying with Gwen. She has never been through a hurricane before, but Gwen -- like the rest of us in the southeastern US -- is very familiar with them, and will keep Yara and baby Mylah safe.

17. Yara is grateful for the help

Yara is grateful for the help
She describes having googled what happened during and after Hurricane Katrina, leading me to at first wonder if it wasn't really covered in Ukraine. Then I realized that she was probably only about 10 years old when Katrina hit and now I have to go lie down.

18. With the hurricane past, Yara wants to go home

With the hurricane past, Yara wants to go home
She is always so vocal about showing how much she appreciates Gwen and Monty and their hospitality, and she assures Gwen that she's not doing anything wrong to drive her away.

19. Yara is extremely relatable, actually

Yara is extremely relatable, actually
She wants to go home because you can't just walk around naked or in a towel at your mother-in-law's house. Many of us can relate.

20. Gwen is the best mother-in-law on the show, maybe ever

Gwen is the best mother-in-law on the show, maybe ever
And Yara is also great. It's so nice and frankly refreshing, after all of the stuff with Mike and Natalie and Trish, to see a family where everyone may have different ideas but they all love and support each other. Yara also teases Jovi, to the camera, about being a bit of a Mama's Boy, but she is also very clearly overwhelmed by how much affection and support she is getting from Gwen and has received since she first arrived.

21. HORRIBLE news

Yara got COVID-19 and records herself in bed describing the weakness, the dizziness, and the agonizing headache. She is sheltering in place in part of Gwen's house. Fortunately, Mylah did not get it.

22. Yara chats with Jovi

Yara chats with Jovi
She'd love for him to be able to come home right away, he'd love to be able to come home right away, but neither of them can have what they want right then. Your heart really goes out to them.

23. Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa
Kalani and Asuelu enjoyed their wild night of boning at the cabin, but Asuelu had a better night than his wife. While he was sound asleep, dead to the world, Kalani had to take multiple trips to the other cabin to nurse one of their sons. Her mom can provide childcare but there's only so much that she can do. Kalani did not enjoy the cold walks in the dark.

24. Asuelu had a good night though

Asuelu had a good night though
Before his sound sleep, Asuelu apparently had a fun time ... which he described in very creative language.

25. Kalani has to get something off of her chest

Kalani has to get something off of her chest
She confesses to Asuelu that she saw a divorce attorney because she couldn't see herself staying married to him. Since then, they've had a lot of growth, but she wants to be honest (also, he'll see these episodes eventually).

26. Asuelu is devastated

Asuelu is devastated
He uses their previously established "safe word," like for BDSM except for when they're upset and need to stop a conversation. He goes off and takes some time to process these feelings.

27. But not too much time

But not too much time
Asuelu comes back and asks for a hug. We may not understand this marriage at all, but it's very sweet in moments like this.

28. Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva
Mike and Natalie have adopted a rat named Lucky. Judging by social media this has weirded out some viewers but it's a pretty normal pet. Tame rats are not like wild rats, in disposition or in terms of being a health risk.

29. However ...

However ...
It's been about a week since their ill-fated Thanksgiving visit to Mike's mom, Trish. Natalie is not just unhappy with how Trish treated her, but with how little Mike seemed to care. She wants to talk about it, but knows that Mike won't take it well -- and she's right.

30. Natalie tries to get Mike to talk about it

Natalie tries to get Mike to talk about it
Now, there were many things -- as she mentions -- that Trish did wrong, but Natalie continues to bring up the allegation that Trish called her a hooker. Many viewers struggle to believe this, but Mike straight-up insists that Natalie is mistaken.

31. Overall, Natalie wants better treatment

Overall, Natalie wants better treatment
And frankly, it would be easier to rule this out altogether if Trish's on-camera behavior had been less friendly. For example, if suddenly someone claimed that Gwen Eymard had called Yara Zaya a "hooker," we'd have a hard time believing it, because that's a woman who has literally teared up thinking about how her daughter-in-law feels. Meanwhile, Trish has displayed a lot of hostility towards Natalie, making it easier -- if not quite easy enough -- to imagine her insulting Natalie to her face.

32. Mike fires back

Mike fires back
Mike gets very heated, standing up from the table, pacing around in an agitated manner, and insisting that his mother was "very nice" during the visit. Viewers can understand why he'd doubt Natalie's "hooker" claim even though we haven't seen them really try to discuss it to hash out what happened (like ... what was the context?). But claiming that Trish was nice to Natalie ... she joked about feeding Natalie venomous snakes. No, she was not "nice" to her.

33. Natalie is hurt

Natalie is hurt
But she decides that it's not worth continuing to fight. This is a very unhealthy marriage. Even if all of their other days were just sweetness and light, a fight like this ... if I saw two friends argue like this, I'd suggest that they break up.

34. We have to talk about something else, though

We have to talk about something else, though
One of the most infamous hate symbols in the world is the Confederate Flag. The "stars and bars" have been used as an overtly racist symbol for a century and a half. Even at its roots, it's a symbol of slavery -- and the violent lengths that traitors would go to in order to preserve slavery. And right over Natalie's shoulder, it appears that Mike has a confederate flag candle on display. It also looks like TLC has censored it with a blurring effect (which is why we made a GIF).

35. Here's another look

Here's another look
Now, some fans online have circulated uncensored screenshots, but you don't need that to see it here -- you can tell what it is. TLC could, too, because it shows up as censored. There is no excuse for Mike having this -- and wouldn't be even if he were in the south. As it happens, he's in Washington state. Natalie might not know what it is (she's from Ukraine, after all), but Mike surely must. That is disgusting.

36. Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith
Tiffany is excited to see Ronald again. Though she did very correctly put her foot down about the very one-sided financial aspects of their marriage, she loves Ronald and misses him. So she and the kids flew out to see him, despite her plane anxiety, after borders reopened.

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