Seeking Sister Wife Features Most Ill-Fated Marriage Proposal in TV History

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Seeking Sister Wife took viewers way back on Tuesday night.

The latest installment of this TLC reality show was clearly taped quite a long time ago, as it featured Dimiti Snowden proposing to Christeline “Chrissy” Peterson.

How very sweet, right?

Only on the very shallow surface. Only to those who have been paying scant attention.

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First, a recap of what aired:

On their second date EVER, Dimitri blindfolded Chrissy and drove her all around Los Angeles, prior to heading back home with her.

Once there, Peterson was treated to the sight a fully decorated backyard (with lights and flowers), courtesy of Dimitri's partner, Ashley, and Chrissy's children.

“I would like to know if you, and the girls, would allow me to give you a home in my heart for forever, and I would like to know if you would marry me,” Dimitri then said ... pulling off an engagement anklet from a teddy bear.

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Peterson -- who previously said she had gone through a "crash course" in polygamy due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic -- immediately replied with yes.

“I’m in shock,” Chrissy told the camera.

“Ten years ago I would not imagine myself in a polygamous relationship, ever.

"And now I cannot see myself living without this family anymore.”

Christeline Petersen, 2 Kids

Fast forward several months, however, and Peterson is desperate to live in anything BUT this polygamous relationship.

She and Dimitri are on the verge of a divorce, following Chrissy asking a judge to grant her a restaining order against Snowden.

She did so because Peterson claimed Dimitri has been abusing her, both physically and emotionally, throughout their marriage.

In her filing, Christeline alleges that, back in January, she was woken up one day with a violent attack.

Christeline Petersen

She says that she was awoken by Snowden "slamming my head into the headboard of the bed and he was yelling at me," adding that he continued to shove her head into this piece of furniture repeatedly.

Peterson quickly went to the police and filed a report.

Tragically, this was just one example of Dimitri allegedly getting violent with Chrissy.

Dimitri Snowden on TV

Petersen also told authorities that Dimitri was abusive during intercourse.

She claims "he choked me during sex, even though I told him not to," adding:

"The more I struggled the more he enjoyed it" and explained why she eventually went along with the disgusting behavior as follows:

"I stopped saying no after a few times, because any struggle by me would prolong the sex and choking."

Dimitri Snowden Snapshot

Since Peterson went public with this allegation, Ariadne Joseph has come out and made similar claims against Dimtri.

She says he raped her.

She says he didn't allow her to leave the house by herself and that she had to be nude at all times and that Ashley watched her and Dimitri have sex.

"There was no way that I could get free because he had the back of my neck," Joseph recently said of one alleged sexual assault.

Dimitri Snowden on TV

"You know, when you’re in a situation where you’re married, or with someone, and you both have had consensual sex, it’s hard to reconcile in your mind that this person has violated you, has taken something from you without permission ..." she continued.

"So I knew that it was wrong, but I didn’t even know how I would go and report that as being, you know, the ‘r’ word."

The r word, of course, beiing rape.

Joseph added that she told TLC executives all about Dimitri's behavior, but she was met by complete silence.

Dimitri Snowden on TLC

"Those a**holes…Chrissy and her children didn’t have to go through that, they didn’t have to experience that," Joseph told blogger John Yates of Peterson and other women Dimitri allegedly treated this same way.

"Had TLC took those people off the air and allowed them to be exposed the way they should have been...

"They allowed this piece of s**t to be on this damn show, and they continue to abuse, and misuse, and traumatize women...

"There’s a lot more to these situations, and I believe that it’s going to become public. The world’s going to find out the truth. All of the truth — ALL OF IT. It’s time. It’s time.

"Somebody has to stop this."

Seeking Sister Wife Poster

At the time of her proposal, meanwhile, as TLC viewers witnessed this week, Peterson was physically shaking.

“When I came to the U.S. before COVID, it was always supposed to be temporary, so the only for me to stay with the Snowdens is a legal marriage,” she said.

“I am thrilled, but to think about leaving my family behind and making the U.S. my permanent home is scary. This is all happening so fast."

Too fast, it now clearly seems. But at least Chrissy is getting the heck out of there.

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